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Best Applications To Run Your Business Remotely

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These days, you can find lots of apps and online business software. They can be used to support and promote your business. Your business does not have to suffer just because you are stranded. You can always use your tablet or smartphone to stay connected with your business and customers. Using well-selected apps, you can enjoy derive a productive day and work from just about anywhere. Such apps are effective and allow you to keep you focused on your business irrespective of your location. Using your mobile device, you can access your vital programs and files. You also have the opportunity to conduct remote meeting with clients or employees.

6 Best Apps To Run Your Business Remotely

1. GoToMeeting

This videoconferencing app can be installed on your Windows, Android and iOS phone. It allows you to meet remotely and ensure you do not miss out on vital meetings, be it with clients or colleagues. You can conduct your meeting from anywhere, screen-to-screen or face-to-face. Such Apps for working remotely allows 25 attendees to join the meeting remotely using any web-connected device. It has features like speaker identification, share screen to enable business presentations, mouse and keyboard controls, etc.

Business software for managing remote teams

2. Microsoft Remote Desktop

To enjoy a productive day, your work computer does provide everything. It also includes all programs used, every document/file you work on. But what if you are unable to access your office PC? This list of remote working tools includes Microsoft Remote Desktop that is available for Android and iOS devices. It converts your tablet or smartphone into your desktop workstation extension. You can access virtually your Windows desktop and use favorite programs as desired.

3. Google Maps

You can use this app to navigate your way to any new place to attend business meetings or to escape bad traffic. This app allows you to be on time and can be used on both Android and iOS devices. It provides real-time local traffic conditions. To enable accurate predictions, it uses data gathered by other service users. Red depicts route backed up by traffic while green or yellow shows clear route. Few taps can help you explore quick alternate routes to your destination.

4. Dropbox

You do require accessing your vital business files stored within your work PC. However, some issues might prevent you from attending office. In such a case, Cloud-based online business software like Dropbox can help you access these files remotely. You can use Android and iOS devices. It connects you with a web server, thus allow you to access using any net-based device. You can easily make Dropbox your designated folder on the hard drive. Thus, it will become a shared folder.

5. NOAA Weather

Your list of remote working tools should include this app. It provides you with weather alerts. For this, you can use Android or iOS device. It offers current weather conditions, animated radar and forecasts. You will receive warning notifications if there is approaching storm or bad weather. This way, you can plan your business travel accordingly.

6. Tempo Smart Calendar

Being late for the business meeting can be a matter of embarrassment. Traffic delays and dangerous road conditions may cause unwanted delays, something that is tough to avoid. But using the best apps for working remotely like Tempo Smart Calendar can help you bail out of such crisis. You can schedule your meetings using this app. Doing so, allow you to send across mass text messages using default messages. It is easy to use.

The above are the six best apps to run your business remotely. You should install them in your device immediately to enjoy its benefits.

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