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Top Resources And Tools To Use To Promote Your Startup

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If you have started a new venture, it is quite natural for you to know how to curtail costs. You also need to be aware of the right startup resources and tools to use to promote your new business. Although online businesses invite fewer expenses, there are some unavoidable costs to be met. Using some tools, you can reduce some operational expenses. These tools when properly used can help save your precious time and energy. It also increases your overall efficiency.

8 Best startup tools to introduce in your new business

1. Clarity

Clarity tool for startup business

Whether you are an experienced businessman or a new entrepreneur, you do require some actionable advice throughout your business journey. The clarity tool offers valuable advice to ambitious entrepreneurs from industry experts. You can get connected with global industry leaders and clarify your doubts. They can assist you to overcome challenges in the different stages of your business. Be it raising funds, scaling your business, sharpening your skills or researching marketing trends, this tool is quite effective.

2. Squad Help

Squadhelp startup tool

This tool helps you to identify a relevant name for your startup. Besides providing business names, they also help to identify a desirable name for your service, product, book, app, etc. Thousands of experts can be engaged by throwing a naming competition. Their agency-level naming procedure is sure to provide you with proper guidance. You can immediately purchase some handpicked premium names.

3. Mindmeister

Mindmeister tool for startups

This online mind-mapping tool allows you to collaborate as well as brainstorm in real-time with industry experts. Besides project planning and ideation, this tool is ideal to develop presentations. You can convert min-maps to dynamic slideshows. It also integrates easily with the task management tool, named MeisterTask. Thus, you can convert your ideas to actionable tasks.

4. Germ.io

Germ. Io tool for startups

It is undoubtedly one of the best tools for startup. Using this tool, you can manage better your business ideas/concepts. This resource ensures you have a better grasp of your startup concept. It provides you with the ‘next steps’ to follow, thus helping you to shape your business with great ease.

5. Javelin

Javelin for lean startups

For lean startups, it is considered to be a one-stop solution, especially when customer development is concerned. It is one of the top startup tools and a wonderful platform for all innovators. It identifies the specific needs of customers as well as validates new products. Their pre-designed surveys can be used to measure product’s market fit. With increase in workflow speed, you can save ample time.

6. Balsamiq

Balsamiq wireframing software

It is considered to be low-fidelity wireframing software that can be accessible by entrepreneurs, analysts, managers, agencies, developers, etc. It is meant for those who are into UX. It offers users with extensive docs, provide the latest releases to improve software, support via numerous channels, etc. There are also offered documentation and beginner-to-expert tutorials for easy reference.

7. Just In Mind

Justinmind startup resource

Such startup resources are considered to be an all-in-one prototyping mobile app and web solution. It offers various things ranging from highly interactive prototypes to wireframes. Fully-interactive prototypes can be designed from scratch. With the click of a button, you can make them live. It also provides a variety of mobile gestures and web interactions to focus on developing amazing user experience. Wireframes can also be developed for multiple screen desktop resolutions and mobile devices.

8. Product Hunt

Producthunt startup tool

It offers amazing new products daily. Product-loving enthusiasts are sure to fall in love with this tool. You can discuss, geek and share new websites, products, tech, mobile apps, sites, etc.

Getting hold of the best tools for startup will ensure you achieve in your dream startup.

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