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Best Android Data Recovery Software: Recover Lost Android Data without Hassle

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Data loss on Android happens suddenly due to system errors, app malfunction, lack of backup, accidental deletion, and more. No matter what the case you encounter, you may feel painful and flustered at that moment. So, how can you remedy your lost but valuable files?

To be honest, it is universal to rescue data with a data recovery program. A professional recovery tool can effectively restore data. Thus, why not choose the best Android data recovery software to find your lost data based on your demands? Take a look at this post to get practical tips below.

Overall Android Data Recovery Process

Wonder the Android data recovery process? You can now learn about the information with ease.

How Data Recovery Software Helps You

Why can the data recovery software work? How does it help you recover data? Do these questions keep going round and round in your mind? You will get the answer here.

First of all, all the Android data recovery software will access your mobile device and scour for deleted files. In general, deleted data is still on your device, although you can’t see it. In this case, recovery tools can scour for the data from your device.

Android data recovery process

Second, once deleted files are overwritten by new data, you can hardly recover them. Hence, you’d better stop using the Android device before completing the recovery.

How to Choose Suitable Android Data Recovery Software

Next, it’s time to choose a suitable Android data recovery program. You can make a selection according to the following factors.

  • Be clear why you lose your data. Suppose you lose data because of virus attacks, system update, factory reset, light physical damage like broken or black screen, etc. In this case, it is likely to restore data with a recovery program. However, please note that recovery software will be helpless for the device with severe physical damage.
  • Select reliable and suitable data recovery services. Although there are various recovery applications on the Internet, they are not all trustworthy. Thus, you’d better choose a reliable and secure website in advance. Then make sure the tool applies to your case. By the way, please remember that effectiveness and security are the top priorities.
  • Think of the pricing. If you find that several recovery tools can meet your needs, please select the most affordable one.

Top 3 Best Android Data Recovery Software

Next, we will discuss 3 excellent Android data recovery programs, and you will know about their advantages, disadvantages, and user experience. It is believed that they will give you some support.

1. Coolmuster Lab.Fone for Android

Coolmuster Lab.Fone for Android is good at recovering deleted data from Android devices, including contacts, photos, SMS, call logs, documents, etc. Also, it can recover videos, music, pictures and more from SD cards without root. Furthermore, it supports various data formats, such as JEPG, JPG, PNG, PDF, DOC, EPUB, MP4, MP3, XLSX, and so on.

Coolmuster lab. Fone for android


  • Effectively recover deleted files from Android internal and external storage space.
  • Perform SD card recovery without root.
  • Quick Scan and Deep Scan modes are available.
  • Support previewing and selecting detailed files.
  • Back up existing and deleted files to a computer without hassle.
  • Work with most brands of Android devices, including Samsung, OnePlus, Google, Huawei, Motorola, etc.


  • Only recover 10 deleted contacts without registration.
  • Some recovered pictures and videos are small.

User Experience

This recovery software is really easy to use, and it can recover deleted Android data without changing file formats. What’s more, many Android phones are tablets are compatible with it. Additionally, if you want to recover more files with the Deep Scan mode, it will take more time to scan your device deeply.

2. EaseUS MobiSaver for Android

EaseUS MobiSaver for Android is another safe program to recover multiple lost Android files, like contacts, videos, pictures, and more. However, it cannot restore deleted call logs. There is a detailed operation guide on its website, so that you don’t have to worry how to use it.

Easeus mobisaver for android


  • Support retrieving data from several scenarios, like improper handling, rooting, virus attacks, etc.
  • Recover data in 3 steps.
  • Display detailed lost Android data on the interface.


  • Cannot find the contacts and SMS just deleted.
  • Slow to scan an Android device.
  • There is no SD card recovery tab on the interface.

User Experience

This software supports more cases of losing data, but, strangely, it cannot find the contacts deleted just now. And it is a pity that this tool doesn’t support recovering call logs. Besides, it will scan out the deleted files from the SD card installed on Android.

3. iMyFone D-Back (Android)

iMyFone D-Back (Android) can recover WhatsApp, call history, Google Hangouts chats, Wi-Fi passwords, and more. Differently, it can recover data from a Google backup.

Imyfone d-back (android)


  • Recover deleted files from Samsung devices.
  • Support 11 types of files, including WhatsApp chats and attachments.


  • Only support part of Samsung devices.
  • Fail to sign in with a Google account, even though we have turned off the two-factor authentication.

User Experience

It can scan at least 11 file types from part of Samsung devices, like Samsung Galaxy S4/S5/Tab 2 7.0, etc. However, it can’t recover files from Samsung Galaxy S6. Anyway, it can restore WhatsApp messages and attachments from Android.


Now, we have shown you all tips about the best Android data recovery software we know. So, please use them to recover your lost Android files without delay. You know, the lost files are waiting for your rescue.

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