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8 Things Small Businesses Can Do to Prepare for Holiday Shoppers

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With Christmas inching forwards, it is high time for shopping complexes and retail stores to start working overtime to attract customers. Equally important is to prepare for the forthcoming Holiday Shoppers rush as it is expected to be frantic. Shoppers are now coming out of their confinement after being inside their home for a couple of years to avoid Covid infection. The fact is that staffing shortages, supply chain related issues and shipping delays are anyway to be there. Also, there are new challenges faced like geopolitical and economic instability combined with inflation. Hence, a wise strategy to opt for is to stay prepared in advance to meet the holiday rush and to ensure sustained Business Growth.

Top 8 tips to prepare for Holiday Shoppers

1. Resolve shipping issues:

Covid-19 pandemic effects are still felt by most manufacturing industries. This holiday season like any others will be faced with shipping issues. You need to identify viable solutions. Check out reviews of new fulfillment and shipping partners before hiring them. Discuss with vendors and suppliers for solutions. Seek their insights and express clearly your priorities. Work on Sales Strategy to deal with shipping issues.

2. Inventory:

Once inventory is taken care of, you can avoid unwanted delays. Ensure syncing inventory software with outbound/inbound deliveries to anticipate issue in advance. This way, you will not lose on sales as you can manage delivery customers what they desire on time. Review previous sales data to project popular products and identify areas where issues might arise.

3. Gift guides:

Shoppers seek unique, custom ideas. To ensure improved customer experience, prepare gift guides that fit perfectly the demand of a specific demographic. It should be based upon your product catalog. In case you have fewer products to prepare a guide, consider gift bundle or joint promotion by partnering with some complimentary business. Do use social media marketing

Gift guides holiday shoppers

4. Automate message:

You need to plan properly holiday shopping messages, social media ads, email blasts, etc. Schedule them in advance and not leave it for the last moment. This allows you to give more time to focus on customer service and product delivery especially during crunch time.

5. Target previous shoppers:

Getting new clients is indeed a tough task to achieve. But retaining earlier ones can be quite easy. Loyal customers can help your business to stay afloat. Connect with them along with potential clients by implementing a wide range of social media marketing Check out last holiday season’s purchase data. Create momentum by sending them an exclusive preview of your newly launched products or some special incentives.

6. Get reviewed:

This is one Sales Strategy that can never go wrong. Customers prefer to research on the different types of gifts that they plan to shop for holidays. Product reviewers and influencers can provide them with valuable ideas. Most content creators can be found to plan the holidays on behalf of their corporate clients. They can help your business and products/services to get better reviews.

7. Incentivize abandoned carts:

With rising inflation, shoppers are likely to become quite choosy. There can be more abandoned carts as shoppers will be eager to know if your competitors are offering some better deal. You may offer free add-on product or discount to reduce abandoned carts.

8. Ad spends:

When ad spends is concerned throughout the holiday season, you need to be wise with your expenses. Provide holiday offers to potential customers for 5-7 weeks. Incorporate alternate messaging and ads in your marketing strategy to reduce ad expenses. This will promote sales and Business Growth.

Following the above tips will ensure you can attract Holiday Shoppers and make maximum revenue for your business.

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