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8 Reasons Why IVR System Is Essential To Your Businesses

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IVR (Interactive Voice Response) can be stated to be an advanced telephony technology. Dialers are provided with the facility to use the dial pad to reach desired receiver. Callers using IVR can reach operators at the call center using preset phone system. Thus, customers can make inquiries and get prompt answers. This does help improve overall customer experience and enhances their satisfaction level. About 74% customers prefer to call up business over phone to make enquiries or orders. Hence, installing such a system will be beneficial.

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Why install IVR System in your business?

1. Route caller to appropriate department or agent:

Different agents are said to be specialists in different types of services. Hence, it becomes essential for customers to reach the right department or agent to get their queries clarified. Traditional method generally passes via multiple callers, thus being time consuming and expensive. IVR can be programmed to connect with correct department or agent quickly.

2. Improve mobile customer experiences:

This system is said to offer amazing experience. Callers may enter query details on their phones to get connected directly to the concerned agent/department. Satisfied customers will mean increased lead generation, sales and revenue. Moreover, excellent interactive response systems allow customers to solve a few problems without expert assistance. Customers prefer to deal with businesses that have invested good in customer services.

3. Expanded call capacity:

IVR telephony systems are designed to manage more number of calls with great ease unlike traditional phones. It has actually revolutionized automated response in a big way. No more is the need to speak to any agent. Rather, automated responses allow call agents to derive wider call capacity. Besides this, simple queries like price inquiry, opening time, etc. can be solved with automated responses. Thus, agents can be free to attend emergency and other complex calls.

Expanded call capacity IVR System

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4. Improved company image:

It is necessary to carry out different types of Marketing Campaigns to develop brand awareness. Efficient and effective call system ensures improving business reputation. Interactive voice responses ensure your callers derive the right image concerning your business. You customers also get to understand that yours is a well-established business that is serious when it comes to providing solutions

5. Ensuring better performance:

Automated response system ensures improved call agent service while boosting customer experience. The caller gets directed to appropriate recipient, thereby enhancing agent’s service experience. Since the right agent receives the call, he/she can provide correct solutions. Moreover, routing enhances work and business productivity while queries get solved quickly.

6. Unlimited customer access:

Using interactive voice responses system, customers can easily and effortlessly reach your business. This solution is available 24/7. Hence, be it during holidays, weekends or office hours, customers will be able to access this system without employee availability. This means, no customer will go empty handed especially when they need some solution. Thus, your Marketing Campaigns should highlight this system to build brand trustworthiness.

7. Reduced cost per call:

It is a bit expensive to call business numbers when compared to dialing ordinary mobile numbers. It is the customers who are to bear the high rates for the calls made. This even prompts some to disconnect the line due to inadequate airtime. Call drop will only mean unsolved queries, thus hampering business growth. Going the other way, it helps improve lead generation.

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8. Enhanced first-call resolution:

There are chances of calls getting mishandled in case of conventional calling methods. Agents in this age-old system are to manually pass the call to appropriate receiver. If correct help is not offered, then it will result in call drops. Hence, IVR processes are a must have in complex organizations. It is designed with intelligent routing features that enable customers to connect in their very first attempt with a capable agent.

Therefore, to revolutionize any workspace, it will be necessary to implement a good IVR System.

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