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8 Reasons to Try Text Message Marketing for Your Small Business

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Businesses belonging to different domains and sizes have to adopt different marketing channel to promote their brand reach. Businesses these days seem to be interested to integrate SMS marketing effectively with a much wider marketing strategy. Approximately 97% Americans use cell phones. Most of them prefer texting their friends and beloved ones rather than talking. Hence, Short Message Service (SMS) is considered to be a favored marketing solution. It helps you to connect with your target customers while increasing sales.

About Text Message Marketing

It is a part of digital marketing strategy to communicate sales, promotions, updates, news, confirmations, coupons, etc. SMS is sent directly to your target customers’ mobile devices. But then you need to adhere to several laws set for SMS marketing. It includes CAN-SPAM Act and Phone Consumer Protection Act. Hence, it is necessary to create diligently a lawful and strategic business marketing plan involving SMS.

8 reasons to implement SMS marketing strategy for your small business

SMS marketing is stated to be an Eco-friendly solution to promote any brand of products or services. It helps communicate with end customers and get the desired message delivered right on their mobile phones.

1. Instant deliverability:

Those not owning a smartphone will be able to send/receive text messages. This marketing form undoubtedly is a highly accessible as well as an effective tool to deliver promotional messages instantly to consumers. Messages get delivered within seconds. Time-sensitivity messages can be delivered instantly, thus making it a worthwhile investment.

2. Immediate, direct message delivery:

The message marketing software ensures that messages sent hit the desired numbers instantly. Approximately, 98% text messages get opened/read within a couple of minutes of delivery. Since communication by the brand is done to the direct consumer, they can expect prompt purchase.

3. High conversion rate:

High conversion rate text message marketing

The fact is SMS enjoys high conversion rate. Generally, text messages derive more CTA by mobile users compared to other commonly used marketing channel. Average response rate is around 45%. Reason is simplicity involved in marketing message. Short text messages do not carry much links or images. Rather it offers concise and clear CTA.

4. High open rate:

SMS marketing campaign is quite effective due to higher open rate. Average open rate for SMS is 98% that is about 5 times more than email open rate. Subject line to compel recipients to go through the text message is not desired. The very sound of the mobile phone on receiving a text message is more than sufficient for the user to open and read it.

5. Brand Awareness:

Being an Eco-friendly marketing option, it helps promote the brand in right light. It shows the interest of the brand to do its bit to save the planet. It also manages to attract as well as engage consumers throughout entire buying process.

6. Customization and Personalization:

When compared to other communication forms, text messages are quite personal. The messages get delivered to the targeted consumer’s personal inbox. Businesses can use friendly, casual linage rather than traditional sales and marketing language.

7. Cost-effectiveness:

Since SMS marketing efforts use marketing software, it offers inexpensive solutions. It also manages to garner high ROI, thus being an effective promotional tool.

8. Quick feedback:

Through SMS, it is possible to launch polls and surveys as well as receive results quickly. Businesses can use customer’s valuable feedback to enhance their product quality and make it more desirable. It also helps understand better customer preferences.

Hence, Text Message Marketing is one of the most used strategies by startups, small as well as medium businesses alike. It has been providing wonderful results within a short time span.

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