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8 Best Popular Marketing Podcasts That Will Transform Your Strategy

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In today’s digital age, you need to adopt the latest Digital Marketing Trends to stay on top of your niche segment. There are several marketing podcasts that promise to change your marketing game if chosen and used wisely! Podcasts are getting popular as they offer a unique listening experience and is convenient. Business podcasts make excellent marketing strategies. When carefully strategized, it can attract customers while raising brand recognition.

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Top 8 Marketing Podcasts to transform your strategy

1. Marketing Made Simple:

Domain specialists have hosted this podcast, covering numerous marketing issues. The latter is broken down into manageable, doable methods and ideas. It helps in producing content, branding, SEO, and social media marketing. The podcasters use layman’s language, offer insightful information in an easy-to-understand language, and avoid technical jargon. Each episode offers real-world examples and valuable tips to keep you motivated to achieve success in your business.

2. Marketing Against Grain:

It can revolutionize your marketing plan. It helps with Strategic Planning and conversions. You can even explore uncharted territories. It is sure to change your thoughts on marketing. Besides covering the basics, it provides valuable ideas on how to embrace creativity, take prudent risks, and create long-lasting influence. Business tycoons offer expert advice on each episode. It imparts cutting-edge tactics that you can learn to overcome challenges in your company.

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3. Digital Marketing Podcast:

Each episode is conversational and casual. It offers success stories and real-world examples. Two experienced masters offer their opinions. They cover industry leaders covering topics on recent market developments and strategies introduced. The duo ensures a light tone, allowing their ideas to be heard. It enables Conversion optimization, allowing you to fine-tune and develop your business.

Digital Marketing Podcast

4. Marketing School:

Your amiable hosts in each episode explore the marketing world. They offer their valuable ideas and extensive knowledge. They understand that it can be overwhelming to navigate the complex digital world. They simplify complicated concepts, allowing you to practice them immediately. As an entrepreneur, you should learn social media, general internet marketing techniques, Conversion Optimization, email marketing, content marketing, SEO, etc.

5. Social Media-Marketing Podcast:

It covers all aspects of social media marketing. Each episode is educational and entertaining. It covers everything from learning how to advertise to developing engaging content. It includes a sizeable episode catalog from 2012 onward that you can listen to immediately. It is pleasant and personable. Its host creates a friendly impression with a personal touch. The podcaster’s enthusiasm and knowledge is contagious.

6. Amy Porterfield’s ‘Online Marketing Made-Easy’:

It is hosted by Amy Portfield. It offers practical guidance and perceptive knowledge to significantly improve your marketing skills. Her enticing and pleasant delivery style makes complex subjects easily understood. She covers almost all topics, ranging from email list creation to developing engaging content, profitable digital products, and understanding social media. You can also learn about current Digital Marketing Trends.

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7. Social Media Marketing Talk-Show:

It is the best resource to optimize social media power for your business. Specialists host each edition, providing the latest trends, techniques, tips, and advice to help improve your online presence. It covers the type of news desired. Knowledge gained from this podcast enables you to derive that competitive edge. You also learn how to significantly improve your brand’s visibility, conversions, and traffic.

8. Perpetual Traffic:

This twice-weekly podcast provides cutting-edge advice on improving sales and leads. You can learn practical tactics from each episode as you listen to marketing executives and entrepreneurs share real-life accounts. You will also learn to overcome complex challenges and upskill in online advertising and digital marketing.

Listening to these top Marketing Podcasts will enable you to transform your marketing techniques into a powerful strategy. Your business will also have a competitive edge.

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