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8 Best Demand Side Platform Companies to Use For Programmatic Advertising

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What is a Demand Side Platform (DSP)?

DSP – A demand side platform is the advertiser campaign management providing advertisers features, enabling them to buy online placements for ads. Buying ad placements through DSPs in real time gives the ability for advertisers to focus on their audiences.

Thus, purchasing ads implies integrating DSPs with ad exchanges and serving for ad inventory as the online marketplace.

How Does a DSP Work?

The demand side platform introduces the efficiency of media buying with ease. The process starts with using the campaign builder tool with the advertiser and setting the audience. It is to upload ad creative’s in the audience targeting criteria.

The DSP buys in real-time the ad impressions through a real-time bidding auction. The ad appears on the publisher’s website after the DSP purchases your ad impression. This process takes a few milliseconds.

What Are Programmatic Ad Platforms?

Programmatic ad platforms allow the selling and buying of ad space in a real-time marketplace. They link publishers to marketers in millions and facilitate placing strategic ads online, ensuring the brand awareness. You need powerful software to make it work, and programmatic ad platforms make it happen.

Aside from online marketplaces, DSPs can be used in creating advertising campaigns for mobile bidding for silent auctions. For example, an organization hosting a silent auction can use a DSP to target their ads to people interested in auctions or charity events. They could also target their ads to people in the area where the auction will be held.

8 Best DSP for Programmatic Advertising Platforms

Every advertiser uses programmatic advertising nearly everywhere. They are out there in lots with specialties. Here are the 8 best DSPs to use programmatic advertising:

1. Google Ad Manager

Google ad manager demand side platform

Google Ad Manager works to monetize the content of the publishers. They work on the supply side as a programmatic ad platform. Their ad impressions are through Google Ad Manager in the U.S. It is powerful in reaching the audience. Google Ad Manager is easy to set up with its analytics and tools to work as serving ads.

2. PubMatic

Pubmatic demand side platform

PubMatic provides features that include a marketplace for ad inventory of high-quality with powerful real-time analytics. The ad formats are in a wide range, and a fraud-free program safeguards from fraud activity. It offers solutions for marketers and publishers, making it a programmatic ad-complete platform. PubMatic is popular, and features high-quality ad spots, ensuring the brand awareness.

3. Adobe Advertising Cloud

Adobe advertising cloud demand side platform

A huge name is Adobe in software, and it offers the best programmatic advertising platforms. It specializes and offers a complete solution to advertisers. With inventory management and people-based marketing in focus, it is a wonderful tool to maximize return. The interface of the user takes a bit of learning time, but upon learning it, Adobe advertising cloud is an amazing platform for maximizing ad spending return.

4. Amobee

Amobee demand side platform

Amobee brings together programmatic ads of different types to develop an advertising campaign. They offer great understanding across different platforms of people consuming content. Advertisers with Amobee engage in an omnichannel strategy with their target audiences. It helps advertisers in getting maximum results by coordinating their campaigns.

5. MediaMath

Mediamath demand side platform

MediaMath is prominent for its campaign offering end-to-end management and has the reputation of having more than 3500 trusted advertisers. It allows advertisers through the MediaMath feature to reach their customers as an online marketplace. It is good for data integration and covers ad options for video, display, audio, native, and out-of-home digital ads. It is popular for its support and great service.

6. War Room

War Room offers advanced programmatic technology power and human insights to deliver display, search, social, video, shopping, audio, and Metaverse advertising. There are more than 90,000 ad networks as premium, and there is something for all sizes of advertisers.

War Room has access to a vast inventory of digital advertising space, allowing you to reach a sizeable number of potential customers with your ads. It uses a variety of bidding strategies to help you obtain the most of your advertising budget. Moreover, this DSP platform provides detailed reports to track campaigns’ results and see how well they’re performing to improve your future campaigns.

7. Criteo

Criteo demand side platform

Criteo works on the supply side, helping publishers in creating more revenue from their content. It works with display, video, social media, mobile ads, and the web to assist small publishers in monetizing their content. It improves returns and facilitates AI power, and intent data, favoring large-scale purchases.

Criteo is easy to use, even for beginners. This DSP platform has a user-friendly interface that makes ad campaign management so much easier. Also, it offers attribution, which helps you track the effectiveness of your advertising campaigns.

8. SmartyAds

Smartyads demand side platform

SmartyAds simplifies the advertising, thereby facilitating businesses in prioritizing trading. It offers services for publishers and advertisers as programmatic ad platforms. It has excellent tools to boost conversions, reduce marketing efforts, and help achieve higher yields while improving engagement.


What demand side platform do you want to use for programmatic advertising? Programmatic advertising can be highly beneficial to your business because it can allow you to reach your target audience more effectively and efficiently. To choose a DSP for programmatic advertising, you should consider your budget, your target audience, and the features that are important to you.

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