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8 Best Conversational Commerce Tools for Your Ecommerce Business

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Customer retention is of paramount importance for any organization, irrespective of its size domain, and geographical location. Incorporating live chat in the company site will help engage visitors as well as provide prompt customer support. Besides this, the sales funnel should be included with a sales funnel to compete with others. Surveys conducted among weekly shoppers using live chat found the following:

  • 35% purchased much more than planned earlier.
  • 44% purchased resulting from the chat sessions.
  • 61% acknowledged getting better and prompt service over the phone.
  • 65% have future plans to engage with the retailer again.

Significance of Live Chat

It is considered to be an affordable, more engaging, personal, and faster method designed for businesses to communicate with customers. Moreover, it also enjoys higher customer satisfaction ratings when compared to other tools implemented. Gone are the days when online shoppers had to wait for a couple of days to receive a phone call or an email. Today’s smart shoppers are more interested to get their questions answered right to complete their purchase.

Top 8 Conversational Commerce tools to check out

1. ClickDesk:

Clickdesk conversational commerce tool

It offers free plans for 10 users after which the services are chargeable. This Influencer Marketing tool best suits growing stores and solopreneurs to try out live chat solutions on their eCommerce stores. It offers video chat, and live chat and is designed with an intuitive dashboard for managing conversations.

2. ai:

They offer ‘pay-as-you-go’ services and suit eCommerce stores already enjoying following on any social platform. This AI technology tool also offers a streamlined path. It integrates blogs, social media platforms, comments, etc. thereby enabling automated converted checkouts at places where customers find trouble. Chatbots can also be added to landing pages easily.

3. LiveChat:

Livechat conversational commerce tool

Monthly charges are per seat basis. This tool suits enterprise-level and large commerce brands with work shifts. It has plenty of interesting features to automate lead gen, especially on sales and landing pages.

It is easy to use and well-designed providing every live chat tool desired including white-labeling and customization of chat windows

4. com:

Com conversational commerce tool

First-time users can enjoy getting free trials. It is designed for enterprise-level stores having multiple teams seeking a central hub. Smart marketing automation can help enhance user engagement while providing conversational features.

Chatbots offered by this Influencer Marketing tool promote auto engagement. It supports email automation, pop-ups, analytics, and personalization.

5. Drift:

Drift conversational commerce tool

A free trial is offered to every new user. It suits enterprise-level or large stores with 1,000+ employees focusing on B2B sales. Drift can be termed to be a market leader in conversational commerce and live chat.

It helps develop a chatbot that helps qualify as well as nurture potential leads on the landing page. It also guides them to a friendly sales agent or converts them directly.

6. LivePerson:

Liveperson conversational commerce tool

Based on engagement level, it offers high-end custom pricing. It suits enterprise-level eCommerce brands seeking custom solutions. It uses AI technology to deliver sophisticated solutions, especially across diverse messaging platforms. It includes Facebook Messenger, LINE, Whatsapp and SMS, etc. Its tools and features are dedicated to supporting online retail.

7. PureChat:

Purechat conversational commerce tool

It offers both free and paid plans. It supports small stores and solopreneurs eager to find out if conversational marketing is worth the try or not. It uses a free lead-generating chatbot called ‘Artibot’. It helps engage visitors automatically, thereby converting them into potential leads or even paying customers! It also takes payments, schedules calls, and sends customer data through Zapier integration to chosen CRM.

8. Olark:

Olark conversational commerce tool

It suits both medium and small-sized stores eager to avail of live chat features. It offers custom analytics and reporting tools, lead-gen surveys, automated chatbots, etc., thereby helping enhance conversions and engagement. It also integrates effortlessly with WordPress, MailChimp, HubSpot, and Salesforce.

Remember, using the right Conversational Commerce tools will be necessary to make a huge difference to your store.

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