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7 Top Sustainable Consumer Tech Companies in the world

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The fact is that technology is evolving continuously. This effectively means, consumers are also required to upgrade regularly their devices. It includes tablets, phones, computers, etc. However, a major problem is noticed with those technological gadgets that are no more in use and just thrown away. It does lead to Business Growth. But at the same time, there are also growing concerns of pollution that needs to be addressed to.

Growing pollution

Electronics wastes amounting to over 49 million tons were thrown away in 2016 alone. This is considered to be equivalent to that of 4,500 Eiffel Towers. Every year, millions of electronics are thrown away of which only 20 percent get recycled properly. The rest simply is spread across landfills, thus causing toxic wastes and chemicals. Hence, to offset such wastes, it has become more than important for companies to launch more sustainable products. It can help reduce amount of electronics that get filled up in landfills while reducing tech industry’s footprint considerably.

Top 7 sustainable, global Consumer Tech Companies

1. HP:

Hp sustainable consumer tech company

When sustainability is concerned, this company is advanced in its curve. HP-branded paper managed to attain 100% zero deforestation much before its set target. It also has succeeded to repurpose 30% plastic in printers derived from other items while reducing carbon footprint by about one-third. Its objective is to improve plastic recycled content across its print.

2. Apple:

Apple sustainable consumer tech company

This tech giant with its excellent Leadership skills has managed to switch onto fully renewable energy. The materials and packaging used to create its products is designed to result in minimal environmental impact. Its assembly sites are also ‘Zero Waste-to-Landfill’ certified. Usage of average product energy has also reduced by 70% since the last decade. Greenhouse gas emissions have also been reduced by over 466,000 metric tons.

2. Microsoft:

Microsoft sustainable consumer tech company

This company is well-known for its exemplary customer service. Its sustainability efforts tend to extend to both external products and internal processes. Renewable energy is planned to be used to power about 70% of its massive data centers by 2023. Moreover, by 2030, the plan is to become carbon negative and by 2050 to eliminate historical carbon emissions.

3. Fairphone:

Fairphone global consumer tech companies

This company manufactures high quality, sustainable smartphones. Besides enjoying good Business Growth, environmental groups have been giving it top marks for using sustainable materials and clean supply chains. Modular design ensures long-lasting, upgradable hardware. This means, consumers can retain the same phone simply by upgrading the existing one.

4. Lenovo:

Lenovo sustainable consumer tech company

It supports widespread sustainability efforts to include assisting social and environmental causes on a global scale. Their manufacturing units and customer service offices are ‘sustainability standard’ certified. It has also managed to reduce 40% greenhouse gas emissions. Product packaging designs are made lightweight and thin. For this, they use natural resources like bamboo and sugarcane. Also are used other recycled and eco-friendly materials to create many of its products.

6. Samsung:

Samsung sustainable consumer tech company

When packaging and manufacturing is concerned, they are slowly doing away with disposable materials and switching to sustainable, recycled materials. By 2030, its objective is to recycle electronic waste of over 7.5 billion pounds. It is already using 100% renewable energy. Moreover, it is committed towards diverse global social initiatives.

7. Dell:

Dell sustainable consumer tech company

Know for its Leadership skills, it has been putting sustainability efforts in numerous categories. Recycled plants of over 100 million pounds have already been used in its products. Thus, 90% of waste has been successfully diverted from landfills. They are also creating recycled or sustainably sourced packaging. Greenhouse gas emissions are also projected to be reduced by 40% by this year. Social initiatives are also being prioritized.

Besides the above Consumer Tech Companies, there are also other big and small companies that have been doing its bit to reduce global pollution.

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