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7 Best New Technologies for Your Small Business

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New technologies for small businesses are fast emerging in 2020 that you should be aware of. But trying to implement the latest technology in your business is not that easy. Although a few key tools may assure increased business productivity, making the transition is likely to take some convincing and time. Making some advance investments is sure to help you save a good number of hours and increase overall work productivity and client satisfaction.

7 Top Small Business Technology Trends

1. Enhanced analytics help create actionable insights. Many small businesses may feel that adopting analytics is out of their reach. But it is something that can be used immediately. You can use tools like Kissmetrics to know your marketing data. With ClearStory Data, you can make better data-driven decisions. Besides these, there are several other tools to use. These platforms have only increased in importance this year and help your business stay ahead of its competitors.

2. Enhance repetitive tasks using AI and machine learning: Most small businesses still find AI & machine learning out of reach. Both are expected to affect the entire market. However, it is not easy to recognize those areas where you can simplify them using AI. Now, AI is very approachable and beneficial for carrying out repetitive tasks on a day-to-day basis. You can use advanced tools like Clara and x.ai to confirm meeting schedules and get the task done quickly. Similarly, you can use AI Chatbot to tackle commonly asked questions like saving employee hours, business hours, etc. This helps you focus on growing your business further.

Latest technology in your business

3. Distributed teams and telecommuting: By the start of 2021, about 50% of employees are expected to work from home. This number is only expected to increase with the passage of time, with workplaces going digital. It is important for your team to be flexible with regards to place & time. But this does not necessarily mean doing away with your current physical location but adopting innovative technology in business. This will support remote work.

4. Enhanced digital integration: Integrating advanced technology in your small business will allow you to reap the benefits. You can use the cloud to store all your crucial documents. Adopting IoT also allows you to save huge Digital integration allows you to convert such technological advancements into real-world benefits. Thus, your small business can derive an upper edge over your competitors.

5. Better focus on cybersecurity: There are reports of increased data breaches around the world in 2020, and it is really worrying. As far as cyberattacks are concerned, you cannot hide behind old technology. Even small businesses are prone to cyberattacks, and there is a risk of losing precious & valuable data. You need to take adequate steps immediately & safeguard yourself as well as your customers. The focus in 2020 is more on security. Make your network secure, and update & patch every device regularly.

6. Investing in APIs: Once APIs (application programming interfaces) were considered to be the domain of software developers, They tried to integrate modern technology with data derived from platforms like Facebook, Twitter, etc. More small businesses are likely to invest in APIs this year to become more efficient than before. You can use tools like Basecamp and Trello or payment platforms such as Stripe or PayPal. You can get access to key data with APIs.

Applications programming interfaces

7. Better Managed IT: With managed IT services, you get the opportunity to outsource your tasks to industry professionals. Managed IT is a wonderful option if you seek 24/7 threat response, network monitoring, etc. You can also scale up your business as & when desired.

You should experiment with the above-mentioned technology for small business owners & enjoy the benefits that come with it.

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