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6 Fresh Marketing Trends for the 2021 Digital Space

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The 2021 digital marketing trends seem to be based on two unique, contradictory concepts. The first can be termed to be a general humanization to address real issues. It can also customize content to suit perfectly the individual and derive more personal engagement. The second is rather more technical and mechanical optimization. It helps fine-tune some of the behind-the-scenes areas such as how to structure campaigns and SEO.

6 Top Digital Marketing Trends of 2021

1. No-click searches & Featured snippets:

SEO’s objective is to help your listing to derive a ‘number one position’ on the search results. However, the end goal in 2021 is to be more SEO visible in the Zero position’. This means a ‘featured snippet’ of Google. Featured snippet tends to work differently when compared to other search result entries. A small box separates it and is found at the top. It displays relevant, additional information, thereby answering all questions posed by the users. There is no need to click it, thus deriving its nickname.

2. Inclusivity:

Its importance in today’s time can be understood by simply checking out the front-page headlines. Marginalized groups and younger audiences are eager to view more optimistic content from their preferred brands. Rather, I do not seem to be interested in inhomogeneous content anymore. Top digital marketing trends of 2021 including subject matter and media. It includes different religions, sexualities, races, etc. along with people suffering from learning and physical disabilities. It also includes content for videos and imagery along with those topics discussed on blogs and social media.

3. Ad-blocker blockers:

The latest trend favors progress, positivity, and overcoming obstacles such as ad blockers. In 2021, about 27% of internet users are expected to apply ad blockers. This means PPC campaigns run by most marketers are likely to fail at source. You will get to know from your ad analytics and data. Damages experienced can be negligible based on the place of posting of ads or target audience. Try to adapt to the changes and readjust the ad budget. Implement result-oriented campaigns like sponsored content or influencer marketing.

Ad-blocker blockers fresh marketing trends

4. Sustainability:

In 2021, people are found to be passionate about environmentalism. They are interested in dealing with those brands that promote Green Earth. 81% of consumers feel very strongly that the company doing its bit to help improve the surrounding environment. Hence, the popularity of eco-friendly, sustainable brands is increasing among young consumers. Broadcasting sustainable practices can help benefit every brand. Your content and branding should reflect your sustainability very clearly. Environmentalism should become part of your brand identity.

5. Local SEO:

Local businesses are to update continuously their business appearance, especially in local results. According to industry experts, local SEO is found to be more powerful when compared to broad SEO. It becomes easier to convert people searching for any specific business type within their geographic location. Get Google verified by signing up with ‘Google My Business’. You can enjoy higher Google SERPS and derive the opportunity to provide more valuable information to online searchers about your organization. You can also incorporate prominently local keywords within the SEO strategy.

6. Video/Image SEO:

This is another popular digital marketing trend that followed in 2021 to increase visual searches. People generally type in keywords to search for videos and images. Existing images when submitted can help pull your company during a search. You can also use original images and allow people to search for the desired context. Visual search techniques are fast-changing SEO’s overall landscape. To capitalize on visual searches, you need to get your video/image SEO campaigns in top shape.

Following the top digital marketing trends of 2021 will allow your brand to stay on top of your competitors.

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