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Top Digital Marketing Trends 2021

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The year 2020 has not been good for businesses across the globe and in all domains due to the Covid-19 pandemic. Most companies are forced to either go online with their products/services or simply shut their business down. With vaccines still in the trial room, you need to know what digital marketing trends in 2021 to expect.

Key Online Marketing Trends for 2021

You need to be aware of the latest marketing trends that you can apply to your business. Only then will you be able to engage as well as retain existing customers? Also, you will be able to generate leads, traffic, and revenue. There are several areas where you should focus next year. Following them can help your business to survive and achieve success.

1. Local SEO and Google Listings:

Small businesses must verify their local listings and be current on different search platforms. B2C businesses can benefit from the ‘Google My Business’ listing if they want to attract local customers. Here, you can specify valuable information about your geographical location, services, and hours. Geographically defined service areas incorporated in the local listing will enable your business to appear in ‘near me’ searches. Update listings regularly to keep your potential customers informed.

2. Social Media:

It is one of the most important digital marketing trends in 2021 that you cannot ignore. For small businesses, customer retention is more of a priority, especially in today’s troubled times. People seem to spend more time online, researching organizations, brands, products/services. This significant consumer shift has only helped marketers to explore new marketers. You can re-engage with existing customers and reach new ones. Come up with a good content plan, post regularly, monitor as well as drive customer responses, etc.

Social media marketing digital marketing trends

3. Google Ads Automated Bidding:

You get the most from Google Ads marketing campaigns as they adjust/tweak bids keywords and campaigns. However, it requires spending some money and time. Google through Automated bidding can automate moves thereby allowing real-time bid adjustments. It is likely to be among the most popular online marketing trends to be followed. It also allows you to optimize PPC performance to derive better results.

4. Voice Search:

Although not present in Google Algorithms, current search results are said to be influenced significantly. Voice search queries are found to offer varying results when compared to text-based queries. With consumers adopting voice search features, businesses should make good use of this tool. Content should be voice optimized, be more conversational and direct. Thus, it can be synced accurately with search queries. Being more visible and staying relevant can help promote organic traffic.

Voice search digital marketing trends

5. Interactive content:

Other digital marketing trends in 2021 include highly interactive content to your social media or website. Visitors can derive value from this content and engage easily with your company. The information provided will also be offered to target and refine your personas. A few interactive marketing examples include quizzes, assessments, polls, games, contests, surveys, and interactive videos. Another exciting way to quickly increase visibility and reach is to hold contests. It should be backed by attractive rewards for those who can help your business get more traffic/revenue.

6. Enhanced retention through segmentation:

Getting new customers takes more time and money than retaining existing ones. Experts suggest focusing more on buyers’ later stages. Ensuring happy and satisfied customers will ensure they get more references from them. This, in turn, will help get more traffic, sales, and revenue. They will also provide honest feedback pertaining to issues they may face. This will help strengthen your brand.

Following the digital marketing trends of 2021 will allow your business to stay in the competition.

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