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6 Industry Applications Of Hot Rolled Steel

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The world’s industrialization can be traced back to as early as the 18th century in Europe and North America, other parts of the world followed subsequently. With the economy booming and the population’s income continuing to climb, there was a massive demand for infrastructure and urbanization.

Soon after, skyscrapers were built, and transportation was significantly improved with the installation of trains and bridges. A considerable change was witnessed, and the cities’ landscape was transformed into a modern vista.

Steel, specifically hot rolled steel, became a massive part of this industrialization and modernization.

Hot rolled steel is made by heating steel above its recrystallization temperature, which is at 1700F and more. At this temperature, the steel is malleable and can be shaped and formed depending on its use. Typically, after heating, the steel can be flattened or coiled.

To this day, the world greatly benefits from the utilization of hot-rolled steel. To give you an idea, here are some of the industrial applications of hot rolled steel:

1. Railroad tracks

Specialized steel of the highest and most durable quality is needed to make a safe and reliable railroad track. Standard joint bars made from hot rolled steel are utilized to increase the stability and durability of tracks. These are placed to reduce the impact of the trains’ wheels as they pass through. The railway industry also benefits from the safety offered by hot rolled steel as these are used in railroad brake shoes to reduce the speed of freight cars as they are pulled by trains. Brake shoes help tighten the wheels’ grip on the track which is crucial in operating complicated railway lines. If you want to know more about hot rolled steel, visit https://fastmetals.com/pages/hot_roll

2. Agriculture Equipment

Agriculture is a vital sector in society as they produce the food you put on your family’s table. The modernization of agriculture paved the way for a higher harvest and faster product delivery to consumers. Hot rolled steel’s utilization in agriculture is vast. You can find it in the manufacturing of tractors, a large agrarian vehicle used in plowing, tilling, planting, and spreading fertilizers on farms. If you have hectares of land to work on, harvesting would be a lot easier with a tractor. The tractors’ cabins, rims, and wheel disks are made from hot-rolled steel.

Colossal grain bins used for storing dry grains are also made from hot rolled steel. Furthermore, the pipes used in farm irrigations are also made from these.

3. Bridges

Grid decking and expansion joints of bridges are made from hot-rolled steel. This ensures the strength, safety, and longevity of the bridges, which are essential to guarantee that the lives of people who will pass through these bridges will not be compromised.

Bridges hot rolled steel

The surface on which vehicles travel on a bridge is called grid decking. This component is poured with concrete and is secured with steel to create strong support that can carry vehicles of different sizes and weights.

4. Construction

One cannot build a sturdy building without hot rolled steel. This strong and enduring material is used to secure floor panels to withstand earthquakes and blunt force. The walls of the buildings are also made more rigid with steel framings. Carbon steel angles, channels, and flat bars are all utilized in the construction industry to strengthen the foundation and withstand the harshest conditions.

5. Marine Engineering

Ships are one of the most important modes of transportation that propel the world’s economy to greater heights. Ninety percent of goods are transported via the sea to reach distant destinations through gigantic containers and fleets. That is why shipbuilding requires quality materials that can withstand extreme weather or climate conditions. Hot-rolled steels have high tensile strength, are resistant to corrosion, and are lighter in weight, all ideal characteristics that can benefit marine engineering.

6. Solar Industry

The solar industry is continuously gaining popularity because of the numerous benefits one can get from it. For one, it decreases the cost of electricity. Its positive impact on the environment is also recognized, thus, the surge of homes and businesses shifting to it.

Solar panels use a type of hot rolled steel for their frame as this material is low maintenance and has minimal wear even when exposed to changing weather conditions, making them ideal to use.


First-world countries and even progressing ones have built massive infrastructures and were able to meet the demands of industrialization by utilizing materials that are strong and formidable.  Hot rolled steel’s toughness and ductility made it the sounder choice material to use in various industries. Its economic value is also one of the reasons why it’s widely consumed by many industries.

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