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Solar Energy Growth in Uncertain Times

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Loom Solar Pvt. is an up-and-coming force in the world of solar energy and sustainable energy. With the rampant air pollution caused by fossil fuel combustion, industries and governments worldwide turn to more sustainable energy sources. With its cost-effectiveness and environmental sustainability, solar energy is the premier choice of energy source. Loom Solar company began its operations with a vision to provide affordable Mono Perc solar panels and lithium batteries to households across India.

The company manufactures its products and distributes them through nearly 3500 re-sellers.

With a guaranteed delivery time frame of three to seven days,the distribution channels are spread all over India, including remote areas. In acknowledgment of its achievements, the company has won the prestigious gold and silver award in the 11th Annual 2019 Golden Bridge Business and Innovation Awards (Based in the United States of America).

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Founded by Amod Anand and Amol Anand (an ex-luminous executive), the solar company began operations in the year 2018 at Faridabad, Haryana. The founders’ vision was to make solar energy accessible to every Indian household irrespective of the remoteness of location. Furthermore, the founders envisioned that this accessibility would allow homes to have constant backup power and lower electricity bills.

After five years of working in the corporate sector of various organizations, Amod and Amol Anand, MBA graduates from IMT Ghaziabad, decided to execute their vision into reality. The company’s target market, from the start, was residential homeowners facing power backup challenges in both rural and urban India. But as the company expanded its market, it rebranded itself towards affordable energy sources. So, by now, Loom Solar’s customers include homeowners looking to cut down on their electricity bills by running their home appliances on solar energy.

Although the awareness of solar energy’s status as clean, green energy is growing with time, there is still a long way to go for the notion to become ubiquitous. But with educational campaigns by governments and environmental activists, this awareness can see exponential growth! This growth will result in easier market penetration for solar companies and reduced costs for manufacturing products like Lithium batteries and Mono PERC solar panels. In the end, the relief will be shifted to the end-consumer who will find solar energy much more affordable.

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Presently, the company has generated its funding through reinvesting its profits. Although, the marketing costs have been included in the product prices. However, with the success and profits brought by its expanding customer base, there is now enough funding available to lead and scale the market without the support of equity investors. Thus, the company is left without the need for any outside investment in solidifying its brand image. However, for its expansion plans, the company has no problems seeking out investors should the need arise.

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Message for current customers and viewers:

Thanks to the support and trust offered by our present customers, we have gradually broken and expanded into the solar energy industry. Your continued customer loyalty will allow us to keep providing products that fulfill your requirements and access a more sustainable and affordable energy source: solar power. To the viewers, earn money online during this covid19 crises is more easier without any investment and also we express our heartiest gratitude! Thanks to your propagation of awareness about our brand and solar energy, Loom Solar has become a well-renowned name as a solar manufacturer based in India.”

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