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6 Best Influencer Marketing Companies In 2022

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What is an influencer-marketing agency?

Influencer marketing agencies are the ones facilitating partnerships between influencers and brands (or content creators) to link the audiences to your products and/or services. The influencers come in a sizeable following, built-in level, and creative style, gaining the trust of the audience.

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The influencers mostly are equipped with a sizable audience, a semblance of trust, and a creative style, and they need support from one of the quality Influencer Marketing agencies is invaluable.

6 Best Influencer Marketing Companies In 2022

1. Ubiquitous

Ubiquitous Influencer marketing

Ubiquitous is an overall best agency, tech-driven, automating completely all the stages of the influencer marketing process for artists and brands across platforms. It includes the TikTok channel, as well. The brands benefit from end-to-end partners and control the influence of marketing campaigns everything, from market analysis, and strategy to execution to optimization.

2. Moburst

Moburst Influencer marketing

Moburst is a full-service mobile-first digital service-marketing firm assisting businesses in becoming and scaling category leaders. They specialize in handling customers even with the most difficult digital issues and present superior technology and innovative thinking. Its creative, ASO, influencer marketing, user acquisition, and mobile consulting services are in use by a range of companies including startups to the most recognizable brands in the world, including Google, YouTube, Samsung, Uber, Reddit, Philips, Playtika, and Robinhood,  to promote their products and maximize KPIs achieving exponential growth.

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3. Delightful Communications

Delightful Communications Influencer marketing

‍A B2B technology prominent marketing agency is Delightful Communication. It specializes in personal branding and digital PR. Mel Carson established it in 2012, and the agency concentrates on optimizing the marketing latest trends such as content marketing, social media, etc, in bringing in business. You may execute for B2C and B2B influencer marketing brands, and everything is in the hands of the marketing agencies. They take care of content creator to outreach and relationship with clients making your products discoverable, memorable, and easily shareable.

4. Viral Nation

Viral Nation Influencer marketing

Viral Nation is a social and digital innovation company fueling the ecosystem through talent, integrating strategy, technology, and media. A Viral nation is a social and a full-service digital agency, while it has the VN Tech as a software subsidiary.  Clients include PUBG Mobile, Chispa, BLK, Smule, Baidu’s Facemoji Keyboard, TikTok, etc. Their influencer programs receive support from industry-leading tracking and ROI data. The agency entrusts top brands with marquee accounts worldwide and has an over 90% client retention record.

5. Affable.ai

‍Affable Influencer marketing

‍Affable.ai is a Singapore-based SaaS platform. It manages every step the influencer marketing. It discovers relevant influences from the database and creates profiles relying on analytics such as brand affinity, audience demographics, interest, and age. The proprietary tools manage from detecting fake followers to bulk outreach through vetting. Their in-built CRM assists the brands in creating easily custom discount codes that are in harmony with your Shopify store. Thus, the products are sent directly without any manual effort to influencers. More than 100+ brands are in collaboration with affable.ai as they value the ROI’s importance. They track brand awareness, individual reach, sales, engagement, and sentiment for the penny invested.

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6. Power Digital Marketing

Power Digital Marketing Influencer Marketing

Power Digital Marketing is ‍California-based and is into digital marketing since 2012. Digital marketing is getting competitive, and this agency in recent times is adapted to influencer marketing. There are over 11,000 influencers, and some are involved proactively with brands. However, this marketing agency, Power Digital marketing caters to B2B, consumer industries, and private equity.

Wrapping Up

The need for influencer marketing companies has become indispensable to growing businesses. These companies help in driving engagement and selecting social media talents. They offer an online presence and multiple services focusing on brand awareness and creative strategies.

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