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5 Ways To Create Highly Personalized Digital Marketing Strategies

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Personalization in digital marketing strategy is about knowing your customer’s needs before they type in the search bar. It is merely targeting the right customer with the right content at the right time. Statistics show that 74% of the customers dislike having to surf through content that doesn’t match their preferences or what they’re looking for on the internet.

So, when you personalize your marketing strategy, you provide your customers with a richer experience and memorize what type of things they would love to see in the future. For example, you can now tailor your promotional messages to only those customers interested in your product or service. After all, marketing is all about presenting your content to the right person most effectively and convincingly.

So, how can you effectively personalize your content for digital marketing? The question rattles the brains of many marketers. Read on to eliminate your confusion.

Gather As Much Customer Data As Possible

Identify what your target audience is searching for on the internet, the links they’re clicking on, and what they love to buy. Know their region, traditions, personality, and choices. Invest in a data analysis software or trust experts to help you in that. With the right information and processing, you can now target specific customers with eye-catching, customized content. You can consider tracking email openings, shopping cart data, viewing history, and purchasing data. The better you are at data collection and analysis, the higher degree of personalization is achievable.

You can also segment large consumer audiences from individual data. For example, consumers of a specific age range, occupation, and interests tend to have similar purchasing patterns. This data will also be beneficial in helping you hone future personalized marketing strategies.

Rely On Effective Linkbuilding:

Effective linkbuilding digital marketing

Link building an effective way to increase your website’s online traffic and expand on your target audience. Backlinks help divert traffic via call-to-actions and quality content redirecting to your website. Get backlinks from the websites having high traffic, relevance to your niche.

Moreover, using the right anchor text is the most important thing to get effective results. Your anchor text should reflect keywords that are most likely to be used by your target audience. However, identifying the right keywords can be tricky even for seasoned marketers. If you’re having trouble with that, consider taking help from experts who create quality backlinks for highly personalized marketing. Find out more at linkbuildinghq.com

Spread The ‘Personalization Love’ Across Channels

Not all of your target audience will be available on one channel at any given point. These channels open up a whole new level of personalization as each requires content created specifically for that channel. Now when you have collected the relevant information and created all consumer profiles, blogs are one channel of reaching your target audience through backlinks. Similarly, social media, Good ads, and email are other marketing channels, each with their advantages and restrictions.

To create a successful 360-degree personalized marketing campaign, you need to address each channel individually based on how relevant it is for your brand. Deliver targeted messages to the customers via unique channels. However, never bombard them with hundreds of emails or texts; you don’t want to end up being marked as spam. Less is more, remember!

Take Care Of Every Stage Of The Digital Journey:

While sending personalized messages, incentives, recommendations, and attracting your customers through outreach, remember to take care of each of the steps of the digital customer journey. The four primary stages of the digital customer journey are; attract, surf, cart, and finally purchase. Make sure you engage your customers throughout all these stages. You can come up with recommendations in many ways. Educate your customers about your product, and tell them how indispensable it is. Be vigilant when it comes to answering customer queries and feedback.

Moreover, research shows that many customers leave the website after adding the items to the cart. You can use reminder emails, discounts, exciting coupons to encourage your customer to make a purchase. The objective is to convert your one-time customer into permanent ones for greater lifetime value.

Continuously Update And Refine Personalization Processes

Personalization is a continuous process, as people’s habits and needs tend to change over time. Analyze the data of campaigns frequently and adapt your strategy and content accordingly. Take necessary action to ensure better results. Do not rely on estimations. Rely on actual figures and have an exact impression of your progress over time. This will help you accurately analyze the progress of your marketing strategy. Access the holistic picture of data by investing in modern technology.

You can also consider taking a step back during the refinement stage. Look deep into your strategies and analyze the shortcomings in your personalized digital marketing program. Look for customer feedback, study it, and integrate it into your plan. Update your automation engines and recommendation tools. That’s all you need to consider to ensure the best user experience through your platform.


According to recent statistics, personalizing digital marketing tends to attract 50% of consumers’ buying products online. If you have not worked on your digital marketing campaign’s personalization, it is about time you do. Personalization is an extremely useful tool to build more relevance with smaller segments within your target audience and maximize ROI.

Author Bio

Abdullah Rasheed is a Senior SEO strategist for a white-label link building service provider LinkBuildingHQ. He specializes in SEO and SEM techniques. He is passionate about business, marketing & technology and loves to analyze that industry in his spare time and stay in touch with the latest happenings. He also writes technical articles about SEO and digital marketing. Follow him on twitter @Abdullah_LBHQ for more updates.

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