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5 Tips to Help You Plan Your Office Move

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Moving your business isn’t an easy task. However, it’s an important step for your business as you get to rejuvenate and improve your workplace. The biggest problem with moving from one office to another one are costs and loss of productivity involved. Every year, many Australian businesses move and the reason why it doesn’t hurt their operation is planning. Come up with a good plan and moving and to your new office should be a lot easier. With that said, here are five tips to help you plan your office move.

1. Get your employees involved

There’s no reason to leave your employees on the sidelines while you manage the entire move. Get them involved and not only will you have fewer tasks to complete but you’ll also make your team members feel more appreciated. Assign everyone in the office with a couple of tasks and have them update you on their progress. You’ll still know what’s going on but you won’t have to do everything yourself. Once you plan the entire move, organize a company tour to your new office.

2. Create a checklist

Even if you have your entire team helping you, there are just so many things you need to do and forgetting about some of them come back to haunt you on a moving day. To make sure this doesn’t happen to you, try creating a checklist for your move and keep it somewhere you’ll be able to take a look at it every now and then. You can even make it in a digital version and have your team members update it as they complete their tasks.

3. Turn to pros

You may feel like you can fit most of your company’s stuff into your car but that’s not a good idea. You’ll only spend more on gas and put your equipment at risk. Luckily, there are businesses that specialize in helping people move and they should be able to provide you with everything you need to execute your move. Find local experts who’ll be able to get there and get the job done as quickly as possible. For instance, if you’re looking for good movers in Melbourne, there are companies you can turn to.

4. Know how to label boxes

If there’s one thing for sure, it’s that you’ll need plenty of moving boxes for your big day. Still, it’s not all about just having enough boxes to put all your company’s stuff in them. Instead, you can label your boxes and ensure you can find every item with ease. If you don’t plan to stop your operations during the move, this can help a lot as you’ll know exactly which box you need to grab. Labeling each box with a number and location can also help. Ideally, you should be able to use different markers for every type of items you have in your boxes.

5. Get rid of things your business doesn’t need


Moving to a new office is a perfect opportunity to clear your workplace. If you’re like most Australian business owners, you probably keep old files and equipment you no longer need. There’s no reason to bring these to your new office and now is the perfect time to get rid of them. Start by going through all items in the office and separating them into piles. For instance, you can have one pile for things you plan to throw away and another one for things you believe can be sold online.

Final thoughts

With these five tips in mind, you should be able to organize a quick and efficient office move. The better you do it, the easier it’ll be to start operating once again and get to the point you were before your move.

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