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6 Steps to a Successful Business Relocation

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It is amazing how quickly things can change – you’ve only started your business a couple of years ago and you’re already moving to a more convenient location. If you’ve ever been through a personal move, you know how difficult and time-consuming these things can get, and business relocation is no easier; on the contrary, relocating your business will likely turn out to be much more challenging. With this in mind, we present you six business moving tips.

1. Notify everyone about your move

Once the last working day in the place from which you’re moving out ends, start notifying people about your move. This includes everyone from your clientele and vendors to your insurance carrier, the IRS, the Franchise Tax Board, the Employment Development Department, your bank and the Secretary of State.

2. Come up with a schedule

Business relocation is all about coming up with a plan, and a proper schedule is a foundation of any good plan. So, where to start? Well, set the final deadline – the date until which all your stuff has to be out of the building. Now that you know when you’re going to have to be out, forget all about that date and come up with an earlier one (preferably at least one week ahead of the final deadline) that you will think of as your final one from there on. In this way, you’re making sure that you’ll have enough time to finish everything up, without the risk of forgetting something.

3. Make it a team effort

It is incredibly useful to engage your staff in the whole moving process, for a number of reasons. Firstly (and quite obviously), the greater the number of people involved in the move, the faster and cheaper it will be. Secondly, the fact that your staff is working together as a team has a multitude of work-related benefits – it creates a sense of belonging and identity among your employees.

4. Movers are obligatory

Of course, you can’t expect that you and your staff will be capable of handling everything on your own. Helping with the move is neither your employees’ job nor their obligation. Make a list of at least five moving companies and assess them in detail until you’ve found the best match. Of course, keeping the budget in mind goes without saying, as well as comparing the services of the movers. Hiring professionals is always a smart way to go, but you’re going to have to do your homework first.

5. Professional packers are convenient

Depending on how valuable your equipment is, you want to make sure that certain items are as safe as possible. While hiring professional packers may sound like a waste of your finances, they guarantee the safety of your items. Of course, there’s the time-saving benefit, plus it spares you the physical trouble. If you can afford it, hire professional packers.

6. Leave the old place looking good

Making sure that your old place is left in good shape once you’re out is simply the right thing to do. If this isn’t good enough of a motivator, think about the fact that going about things in this way will boost your property value. We’re talking about everything from professional property management, to making sure that the place is left clean of all the trash. For example, a company that does the rubbish removal in Sydney specializes in clearing everything from personal properties to gardens, and they can help you make sure that your old office is left in mint condition.

Business relocation requires time and a whole lot of planning. The actual move usually takes no more than a couple of days, but the planning that revolves around it takes weeks, sometimes even months. Therefore, follow all the mentioned steps in order to avoid trouble.

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