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Content Marketing Ideas To Keep Your Social Media Feed Fresh

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Looking to add to your social media feed? If so, you should use these content marketing ideas and tips. Learn them with this guide.

Seven in ten Americans use social media, whether it’s to catch up on the news or get the latest updates from their family and friends. Keeping your social media feed fresh keeps people coming to you for the latest social media posts and content.

But how do you do it?

There are several ways to keep your social media updated, including social media graphic design, testimonials, and original content. You should also keep track of trending topics.

Check out these ways to keep your social media content fresh!

Graphic Design

Colorful and eye-catching social media graphic design makes people stop when they scroll through their feed. Rather than reading posts, people are much more likely to look at great photographs or infographics.

Social media content marketing ideas

Visuals create interest. There are plenty of software programs for social media design tips, including a free background remover.


Testimonials enhance a brand with personal stories about the benefits of a product, brand, or service. Asking your best customers to take a video on their smartphone talking about the positive effects of your business is a simple process.

Putting a human face on your brand makes it relatable to customers in social media posts. Rather than selling a product through an actor, a real-life customer gives makes your brand authentic.

Original Content

A social media feed with original social media content stands out, rather than readers finding the same social media ideas they can read elsewhere. Reposing or repurposing the same facts, figures, and stories found in other places gets boring.

Posting original social media design tips and social media content ideas doesn’t have to be boring. Instead of using stock photographs, use original photos. Take the time to gather original interviews or make content original to your brand or specific audience.

Did your organization do its own research? Send it out on your social media feed and be sure to tell readers it’s original.

Trending Topics

What’s hot one minute is ice cold the next. Keep track of trending topics for social media ideas to keep content fresh as you keep on top of the latest things people are talking about! You can gather trending information from various sources, including podcasts and news websites.

Trending topics capture a broad audience. With more people engaging and reading about popular social media topics, traffic to your social media handles will increase.

Keep the conversation with social media ideas that are relevant to your audience.

Content to Keep Your Social Media Feed Fresh

There are several ways to keep your social media feed fresh, including graphic design, testimonials, and original content posts. Posting social media ideas about trending topics also keeps content updated, new, and innovative.

Standing head and shoulders above the competition will help your business grow, and customers will take notice of you!

Find more content marketing ideas on our website. If you found this information helpful. We can help you grow your social media feed to new heights!

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