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The Magic Of Maxwell Drever In Converting Broken Hotels Into Affordable Housing

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Having a roof over your head feels like magic for people in need. Yet, so many people don’t know the true story behind these places they stay, where it comes from and the struggles that must have been involved to have one now. The modern-day innovative idea from Maxwell Drever is converting old hotels into affordable housing. It has proved a great cause in providing affordable housing projects for thousands of people. A hotel going out of work is of no help to anyone. But with some touch and finishing, these hotels can be converted into affordable housing projects for middle-class people.

How did It start?

The miseries of both owners of hotels on the brink of closing and homeless people found an end after Maxwell Drever came up with this idea of affordable housing projects. The need of the hour is to provide economic and low range homes for the rising mass average and below-average class families. With Maxwell’s help and the support of builders, thousands of broken and dying hotels are now converted into affordable homes for people who have been homeless. It’s been expected that millions of people could benefit from this project in the future. No property has to be abandoned to be ruined over time as almost every place can become a home for someone with some technical thinking and modern architecture.

The Basic Idea of Hotel Conversion

Basic idea of hotel conversion affordable housing

The idea of Maxwell Drever is relatively simple, and he finds derelict hotels, works out how much it would cost to take them apart and gives the information to the HCA, who use the information to buy up hotels at a discount. That’s when volunteers turn up and start converting them into affordable housing. The process can be broken down into the following steps.

  • The process starts by locating such abandoned or out of business premises. So it may seem but instead is quite simple with the help of the internet.
  • Then the owners of these premises are approached with a decent offer. However, in many cases, people are willing to gift their premises as a donation for the poor and the homeless.
  • The information regarding how much it costs to convert hotels into accommodation is calculated and shared with the developers.
  • The project then starts to take shape. Many volunteers turn up to provide the labour, management, and skills. Another thing to think about is your personality. A shy, more reserved person may not have much luck using a fake ID. Topfakeid.

Why It Is A Better Option?

It’s cheaper to buy a derelict hotel than to demolish it. A pre-existing building needs a little touch to use for the local community. When you consider the cost of building one such project from the base, you are talking about saving millions in a single project. A massive chunk of money is saved while the service for the community and the homeless people is carried at a fast and large scale. Some of the buildings are heritage listed to be conserved, but most will be knocked down and then new buildings put in their place. But with this alternative,  a better and noble cause is out there to be achieved.

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