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5 Best Push Notification Strategies to Improve Ecommerce Sales

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Computers and smartphones have gained importance with time. People are found to spend a good amount of quality time using these devices. But the interesting fact is that people’s attention span seems to be shrinking fast with each passing day. Email is considered to receive just 2% CTR. Moreover, no one is interested to go through lengthy marketing emails. Either it is placed in the spam box or simply ignored. This is where businesses need to adopt push notifications strategy to promote their brand. Although being small clickable messages, they help connect your brand with your potential customers. This is done in real-time while eliminating the need to avail their personal details. This marketing strategy enjoys about 53.3% high CTR, since users are not required to provide their email address. Hence, opting for this strategy will help boost your business, thereby leading to better engagements and potential leads.

Tips to use push notification marketing strategy to enhance eCommerce sales

1. Use push notifications to announce limited-time sales

This strategy is a good option to send flash sale alerts to targeted customers in real-time. You should include a link in your site allowing your potential customers to visit your offer page on clicking the notification. Do remember to include time-sensitive identifiers like ‘Last 20 minutes sales’ or ‘Limited Time Offers’. This can help develop FOMO and excitement among push subscribers. Visuals when added to this notification can make it seem easily readable and more appealing.

2. Formulate well-developed push opt-in strategy

There are two reasons for users to choose push notifications. Either users might be interested in your offers or find your brand quite cool to be ignored. The first reason is well within your control. Through notifications, you can allow your customers to know what you have on offer and what benefits they can gain from it. Communicate value proposition clearly to prove your point. Make them aware what benefits they will miss out if they ignore your notification. Make them interested in your brand, thereby converting pushing sales volume and increase client base.

3. Use real-time push alerts to re-target clients with abandoned carts

This is very much possible with push notifications Besides this, you can compel the customers to take productive steps. There are offered a variety of services with inbuilt automatic triggers. It can be programmed to provide real-time results once users do not complete their purchase. The feature can be derived with both web and mobile devices. Simply use a tool that supports tracking abandoned carts.

4. Offer personalized discount coupons to micro-target prospects

These days, people seem to be more interested in personalized offers than discount coupons. Hence, you should customize the offers based on their previous interactions. This can help grab attention as well as is considered to be the best communication form between the brand and customers. Customers will love seeing their names on the offered message and sure to go through it immediately. Messages that are created based on user behavior or past interactions will be found more relevant. Do employ additional metrics. This will help narrow down your user behavioral patterns based on demographics. It can be past user behaviors, history, geo-locations, language, age and gender.

Tips to use push notification marketing strategy

5. Announce the launch of new products with Push Notifications

There are very less chances of expecting the customer to come back to your site to check the products offered. Use this strategy to announce introduction of new stocks and products to bring back past visitors to your site. Stimulate their interests by offering club discounts and visually appealing notifications.

By adopting push notification marketing strategy, you can increase your client base and sales volume manifolds.

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