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5 Best Investment Apps of 2020

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Are you searching for the market’s best investment apps? Do you wish to build your career in trading? If yes, you need to handpick an investment app, which blends with your level of expertise and offers all the pieces of information you are aiming for. On average, any financial app from a good brand will help you manage financial tasks, help in monetary transactions, and even keep an account of how much you spend.

In the long run, you will be glued to the app, and it will become your right hand. But, now all apps can get this personal. With this being said, here are some of the market’s best investment apps. These apps have not failed to leave an impression.

So, let’s get started.

The List of Best Investment Apps 2020

  • Acorns
  • Robinhood
  • Wealthbase
  • Betterment
  • Stockpile

#1 Investment Apps – Acorns

Investment apps

The list of best investment apps begins with Acorns. This is one of the oldest applications on this list. However, it is still popular and is used by thousands of investors around the world. A major reason behind Acorn’s success would be “Ease of Use”. Also, you don’t need to invest lots of time in setting up the application.

Linking one in every of your credit score cards, or debit playing cards to the account is also simple. Acorns have a complicated gadget that streamlines the process, allowing users to easily connect their preferred payment method for added convenience.

Additionally, Acorns offers a continuing manner to roll up funds for 401K debts, supplying users with a problem-loose technique to keep for retirement. The bills advocated through Acorns are cautiously decided on to align with your unique portfolio, ensuring customized and appropriate investment options.

#2 Investment Apps – Robinhood

Robinhood investing

Next in line would be Robinhood, a popular platform acknowledged for its commission-loose buying and selling offerings. If you are searching for a trading application that gets rid of the need to pay commissions, Robinhood will be the perfect choice for you. Through Robinhood, customers have the opportunity to interact in buying and selling sports related to ETFs, stocks, and cryptocurrencies without incurring any costs.

Furthermore, Robinhood gives a user-friendly interface, making it easy for people of all experience levels to navigate the platform efficiently and execute trades seamlessly, all whilst cashing in on the cost-free nature of the platform.

Robinhood has garnered significant recognition for its smooth and user-friendly interface, which complements the general buying and selling experience. The seamless capability of almost all of the to-be-all options contributes to hassle-free user interaction, making it a popular choice among traders. In addition, the software’s sincere navigation device ensures that customers can easily get entry to various functions with only a few taps.
Furthermore, the support for intuitive display screen-to-screen navigation enhances the general usability of the platform, specifically when executing trades in the dynamic and fast-paced market environment.

#3 Wealthbase


As suggested through its name, Wealthbase stands out as one of the top investment apps for individuals interested in enhancing their financial portfolios. Despite being a clean addition to the area of investment platforms, Wealthbase has been meticulously crafted to seamlessly combine with a variety of market simulations and games, setting it other from its opposite numbers.

One noteworthy element that distinguishes Wealthbase from many different funding applications is its quite intuitive personal interface, making the system of choosing and investing in shares a pleasant and tasty enjoy. With its interactive features and user-pleasant design, the usage of Wealthbase to discover and spend money on stocks remains now not only a worthwhile undertaking but also an exciting and educational journey inside the world of investments.

A primary gain of this innovative application would be the exciting characteristic that allows users to interact in pleasant competition and collaborate on the development of various video games with their buddies, adding a fun and interactive detail to the overall user experience.

#4 Betterment


Those individuals who prioritize managing their finances effectively regularly find out that Betterment proves to be a valuable useful resource. This innovative funding platform gives users the advantage of having their portfolios expertly overseen, a characteristic that unites it aside from different comparable services. By cautiously tailoring the choice of ETFs to align with the man or woman chance tolerance of each user, Betterment ensures that investors can optimize their returns.

Whether one is cushty with assuming a slightly better degree of chance in pursuit of more gains or prefers an extra conservative funding technique, this flexible application is prepared to accommodate a huge range of investment options, as a consequence offering users the power they want to reap their financial objectives.

Betterment charges a nominal price this is exceptionally affordable, making it a cost-powerful alternative to traditional financial advisors who generally demand better prices. The fee factor provided with the aid of Betterment carefully aligns with what you’ll commonly spend while consulting with a conventional financial advisor.

#5 Stockpile


Among the top investment apps recommended for 2020, Stockpile sticks out as a valuable addition to your financial toolkit. This modern platform now not only allows for seamless trading of stocks but also facilitates the unique feature of stock gifting – making it a really perfect choice for the ones looking to share the gift of investment. One of the standout features of Stockpile is the capacity to purchase small fractions of agency stocks, catering to buyers who won’t have a way to purchase a full share immediately.

For example, in case you desire to invest in a company whose share price is set at 300 USD, Stockpile gives you the power to acquire half or even one-third of a share, ensuring that funding opportunities continue to be handy and adaptable for your financial goals.

Stockpile stands out with its low trading fee of just 99 cents in keeping with alternate, offering a lower priced manner for investors to shop for shares without the load of a monthly fee. Furthermore, Stockpile affords a completely unique feature that allows users to acquire gift cards, enabling them to exchange them for stocks, including a convenient and modern measurement for their investing experience.

This aggregate of cost-effectiveness and the option to use gift cards for stock purchases makes Stockpile a particularly attractive choice for investors looking for affordability and flexibility in their funding approach.

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