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5 Best Identity Verification Software to Look Into in 2022

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In an age where cybercrime is rising, identity verification is one of the critical steps businesses must take to protect themselves. With so many online services available, deciding which identity verification software is best for your needs can be hard.

That’s where we come in! This article outlines the top five identity verification software options for 2022. We also provide a comprehensive overview of each product, so you can decide which software is right for your business.

What is Identity Verification Software?

Identity verification software is a type of security software that helps to protect your online identity. It is used to verify the identities of people trying to access or interact with your website or service. This can be done in a mixture of ways, including the following:

  • Login credentials.
  • Social media profiles, and
  • Other personal information.

Identity verification can help keep your site safe from unauthorized users. It makes it easier for customers to navigate and purchase products or services. Additionally, it can act as an extra layer of protection against data breaches and identity theft attacks.

Many types of ID verification software are available today, so selecting the one that best suits your needs is essential.

Top 5 Best Identity Verification Software to Look Into in 2022

Top 5 best identity verification software to look into in 2022

It’s essential to have a secure identity in today’s digital world. Learn about the leading 5 identity verification softwares that can help you achieve this. Find out which one is most appropriate for you.

1. Veratad

Veratad identity verification software

Veratad is a leading online age verification solution that helps businesses verify the age of their customers. This technology allows you to automate your age verification process. It makes ensuring compliance with the industry’s most flexible online age verification software solutions easy and efficient.

Veratad also offers optional features such as fraud prevention and customer profiling. It makes it possible for you to identify and target fraudulent activity.

Additionally, Veratad offers real-time reporting capabilities. It’ll help to track the status of your Age Verification Compliance (AVC) program in near-real time.

This technology has revolutionized how companies operate by helping them keep their customers safe. While reducing costs associated with fraudulent activities or mistakes made during customer identification procedures.


Seon identity verification software

SEON, or identity verification via digital footprint analysis, is a new and emerging technology. It uses the internet to identify individuals. It analyzes user data such as:

  • Social media profiles.
  • Online activity, and
  • physical characteristics like face scans.

This information can then be operated to identify an individual’s identity.

Many organizations are using SEON to verify employee identities. So they can avoid potential fraud incidents. By identifying who is speaking on behalf of a company, SEON helps prevent corruption and illicit activities.

Additionally, it can help safeguard sensitive corporate information. It’ll help you identify fake accounts or employees with access to confidential files or data stores.

3. Trulioo

Trulioo identity verification software

Trulioo is a verification platform that helps businesses verify their customers’ identities. They offer:

  • Third-party verification.
  • Government ID scans, and
  • Social media checks.

Trulioo has partnered with over 5 billion customers in 195 countries to help ensure the security and accuracy of customer data.

Trulioo’s verification platform offers several benefits for businesses, including:

1. Increased trustworthiness and transparency among buyers and sellers online.

2. Reduced fraud rates.

3. Decreased marketing costs due to the identification of fraudulent clicks or unsubscribes from consumers

4. Improved customer support ratings as fraudulent complaints are less common, and

5. More reliable product delivery.

Trulioo provides a powerful tool. It enables companies to protect their interests by verifying the identity of their customers.

4. Token of Trust

Token of trust identity verification software

Token of Trust is a secure digital ID system. It enables users to verify their identities online with many types of identification. This system offers a fast, easy, and reliable way for people to access the resources they need from the internet securely.

One of the many benefits of Token of Trust is its ability to protect user data by encrypting it using blockchain technology. This protects user information from being stolen or compromised in any way.

Additionally, Token of Trust provides an audit trail so that anyone who violates your privacy can be held accountable. Token of Trust also allows you to authenticate your identity with the following:

  • Facial recognition software.
  • Smart contracts, and
  • other authentication methods.

Token of Trust also offers two-factor authentication (2FA). It adds an extra layer of security for users when logging in from various devices. This confirms that even if someone has credentials to your account login information. They will not be able to access sensitive data unless they have the second factor – such as a phone number or code sent via text message.

Token of Trust is designed for corporate and individual users. It is ideal for online applications and websites where sensitive information needs to be safeguarded.

5. Ondato

Ondato identity verification software

Ondato is a live document verification platform. It enables businesses to efficiently and securely verify their documents:

  • Authenticity
  • Integrity, and
  • Accuracy

Companies can use Ondato’s secure solution to reduce fraud risks associated with manual checks. This can be achieved by automating the entire process from scanning to digital signing.

Ondato also offers a tamper-proof ledger system. It allows for real-time transparency of all activities related to document verification. This ensures trust and confidence in the design. It also eliminates any potential for fraudulent activity or manipulation.

The Ondato team has years of experience in the following:

  • Finance
  • Security consulting
  • IT development, and
  • Business Intelligence Implementation.

They have designed this platform with flexibility in mind. So that it may be simply incorporated into the systems already in place. They are also intended to be a standalone solution without requiring significant modifications.

It’ll improve your strategy for preventing fraud while lowering the costs of manual processes.


Identity verification is necessary for every business that wants to run its operations smoothly. The best part about the new emphasis on identity verification is that plenty of tools are available today. Your company can use them to verify identities within minutes.

These tools not only make the process hassle-free, but they ensure complete data security as well. It’s time to upgrade your outdated software and embrace the future!

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