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15 Top Green Energy Startups to Look at in 2022

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What is a Green energy startup?

Green energy is the type of energy generated from wind, sunlight, water, and the natural resources. Renewable energy sources are the main sources, but there is a difference between green energy and renewable energy. Working towards sustainability niches, there is a lot of progress toward a bright future. You can see startups fast-growing, offering the energy sector more inspiration and ideas.

15 Top Green Energy Startups to Look at in 2022

1. Enpal

Enpal green energy startups

Enpal is in Berlin, Germany. It is the fastest-growing Green energy startup. In the past 5 years, it has seen an increase of 4900%. The company produces solar cells and offers solar energy to consumers. They install and maintain the panels. Enpal has completed over 14 K renewable energy projects.

2. Cherry Street Energy

Cherry street energy solar plants

Cherry Street Energy builds solar plants as per the client’s needs. It is an American startup providing a power supply of 23% to Atlanta in the peak demand time. The solar panel installation is free 100%. The company’s business growth is good as they analyze locations, construct power plants, sort out legal matters and maintain them. They help consumers and show social responsibility by providing social, environmental, and governance reporting software.

3. Green energy startups

Renewable energy is an energy source quick to replenish. It includes wind energy, solar power, hydroelectricity, biomass, geothermal sources, biofuel, and so on. It offers renewable that are greenhouse gasses or the ones emitting zero pollution.

4. Ecosia

Ecosia green energy startup

Ecosia turns into trees its ad revenue. It is a search engine and has planted more than 150M trees. The company diverts profits from one portion to funding green energy startups. The company aims at the German industry and relies on Russian gas. One of the biggest achievements of Ecosia is to fund a Berlin startup, Zolar, connecting solar plant installers and residents.

5. Enernet

Enernet green energy startup

Enernet develops microgrids with their own energy sources. It integrates renewable in a mix as per the location, such as solar panels, wind turbines, hydro, and so on. The power plants feature digital energy management, and this startup aims at providing sustainable and cheap energy to remote areas such as Australia, sub-Saharan Africa, and the Caribbean.

6. Kite Power Systems

Kite power systems green energy startup

The cleanest is the wind to generate power and by 2027, $127 billion is the expectation to reach. However, the venture capital for Kite Power Systems is a regular kite solution. The kites soar in the sky high when the wind is stronger. They move in 8-shaped patterns, and you increase the kite speed. It increases to 100KW/h power generation.

7. Commonwealth Fusion

Commonwealth fusion green energy startup

Commonwealth Fusion is the fastest-growing fusion startup in the world. This American startup uses high-temperature superconductors. The materials allow for building cheaper and smaller tokamak reactors. The company has world-class engineers in their team and scientists delivering global consumers limitless energy.

8. Renewable Properties

Renewable properties green energy startup

Renewable Properties concentrate on solar energy. It is a startup dealing with US commercial and communal projects on a limited scale. The company works in association with grid operators, solar farm developers, FinTechs, and proprietors. They help customers assess risks, sign contracts and negotiate power buying agreements.

9. Siqens Gmbh

Siqens gmbh green energy startup

Siqens is a biotech startup from Germany. The company targets markets where people should not rely on diesel generators. The stock investors concentrate on the fuel cells of the company that uses electrochemical reaction converting methanol as energy. This energy is clean and quiet. The regenerative use of methanol cuts costs by almost 70%, and the emissions of greenhouse gases are reduced.

10. Fervo Energy

Fervo energy green energy startup

Fervo Energy produces clean geothermal power. It provides energy anytime. They use the skills of gas and oil sector workers. Fervo Energy uses fiber optic sensing that allows to access untappable resources and reduces the costs of energy.

11. Oxford Photovoltaics

Oxford photovoltaics green energy startup

Oxford Photovoltaics uses silicon cells. They use cutting-edge materials and produce perovskite films to layer on the solar panels. These tandem cells feature 29.52% efficiency, and it is the best.

12. Lunar energy startups

Lunar energy startups green energy startup

Lunar energy startups use tides to generate electricity. This energy source produces clean energy up to 100 gigawatts, and it is more than sufficient to power 80 million homes.

13. Ocean Renewable Power

Ocean renewable power green energy startup

Ocean Renewable Power in tidal energy technologies is a global leader. Raft is its product to go underwater in the ocean shores and rivers. It spins from the currents using multiple turbines and generates power. The company gives integrated grid systems to developing countries, assuring business growth. Its onboard turbines produce electricity from 4 to 600 KW.

14. Sitigrid

Sitigrid green energy startup

Sitigrid is an energy trading innovative platform. Originally, it goes through grid operators and intermediaries. With more people installing renewable such as solar panels, they look for direct energy trading. Sitigrid brings technologies in association with powerful analytics and promotes energy, does carbon trading, and shifts towards a sustainable economy.

15. Orbital Marine Power

Orbital marine power green energy startup

OMP is the most robust tidal generator in the world. The venture capital is a ship 72-meters long that features large rotors spinning underwater and generates power. The consumers get a cost-effective way of storing surplus energy, and its success will trigger global interest in clean energy.

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