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15 Best Live Streaming Platforms and Apps for Businesses in 2023

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A live stream platform and app are ideal for a business to establish its brand or service in the markets. It provides ways to engage the audience quickly with real-time videos. The primary advantage of a live stream platform is that it provides ways to create and broadcast videos with innovation. However, a business should select the best live streaming platforms and apps in 2023 that work well for their promotions. They are ideal for growing a business in markets with high success rates.

List of the 15 Best Live Streaming Platforms and Apps in 2023

1. Brightcove

Brightcove live streaming platform

Brightcove is a live streaming platform that comes with various features. A business can live stream events and transform them into a personalized experience with this platform. It even shows ways to add a stream to social media channels to get the desired outcomes.

2. Cincopa

Cincopa live streaming platform

Cincopa is a video and media platform that comes with the best features. It comes with an auto-save player and offers the ability to embed saved videos on a website. A business can use the real-time messaging protocol (RMTP) link on this platform that helps integrate with apps with ease.

3. Dailymotion

Dailymotion is a video platform that allows a business to grow its audience in the markets to a large extent. It is a perfect choice for customization that provides methods to enhance marketing efforts with unique ideas. A business can even monetize videos and live streams with a revenue share program with this app.

4. JW player

JW Player is an award-winning live streaming platform that offers the best features. It lets a business stream live events to OTT apps and social media channels.

5. IBM Cloud

Ibm cloud live streaming platform

IBM’s cloud computing platform is great for high-end streaming purpose that allows a business to improve customer engagement. It makes feasible methods to share videos with multiple platforms. Some of the features offered by the platform include broadcast recordings, a customizable channel page, etc.

6. Muvi

Muvi live streaming platform

Muvi is a live streaming platform that lets a business launch a video with personalization that fits a brand. Some of the features offered by the platform include live DVR control, mobile live streaming, interactive presentations, etc.

7. Resi

Resi live stream platform

Resi is a platform that allows a business to stream multiple destinations with some of the key features. They include hardware encoders, software encoders, full DVR playback, etc. It is a perfect choice for a content management system that helps to grow business.

8. Panopto

Panopto live stream platform

Panopto is suitable for educational institutes that help manage content management with a secured library. Some features offered by the platform include monitor analytics, live captioning, audience management, etc.

9. Twitch

Twitch is an ideal platform for streaming gaming content with various channels. It provides features such as live comments, scheduled events, Emote slots, etc.

10. YouTube Live

YouTube Live is an excellent platform for video content creators that covers channels for every subject.

11. Instagram Live

Instagram Live is suitable for a business to target the audience with the best strategies. It covers several features for users to gain more advantages.

12. Vimeo

Vimeo live stream platform

Vimeo is a cloud computing platform that allows a business to host and live stream services with the best features.

13. Wowza

Wowza live stream platform

Wowza is one of the best platforms for a business to implement the best marketing efforts with innovative approaches.

14. Dacast

Dacast live stream platform

Dacast is a live-streaming platform that is easy to set up and handle. It is well-equipped with real-time analytics and a wide range of security features.

15. UStream

UStream is one of the largest live streaming platforms that allow a business to record and archive videos for future broadcasts.

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