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12 Key Features Of A Good Ride-Hailing App

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Ride-hailing is an innovation brought about by modern technology to address problems in public transportation. That’s the reason why more and more ride-hailing startups make their way into the transport market each year—it’s just that attractive to many daily commuters.

With the growing competition in the industry, one must ask what features can make their ride-hailing app stand out from the rest? This article will discuss some features that will prove to be crucial moving forward.

Features For The Client’s App

If companies want to pursue a business venture in this industry, they must seek and understand their target market. The user experience is especially significant in this industry. Focusing on the features that will improve the user experience will be a crucial factor affecting the longevity of their operation. Here are some of the specific ideas that should be included in the client’s ride-hailing application.

  • User-Friendly Registration Portal

The registration portal is the first point of interaction between your clients and your app. Therefore, it’s essential to ensure that the sign-up procedure is as easy as possible. You can also integrate account creation using their social media profiles to further simplify the registration process.

  • Ease Of Ride Search

The main purpose of ride hailing apps is to connect clients to available drivers. In line with this, the customers should have the option to choose their desired route, type of vehicle, and whether they want to share their rides or not. The goal in this process is to render user-friendly experiences and timely results.

Benefits of ride hailing app

  • Real-Time Notifications

Once a customer successfully hails a ride, the activation of real-time live notifications should happen instantaneously. App users should be notified about any available information related to their rides, especially delays and traffic issues. Live updates can come from either the drivers or other passengers sharing the same route.

  • Real-Time Location Tracking

Similar to the third point, adding real-time location tracking will prove beneficial to any ride-hailing company. It’ll help eliminate any inconvenience and confusion, particularly when multiple riders are involved.

  • Ease Of Payment

A commendable ride-hailing app should include a systematically secure payment structure. You can also offer multiple modes of payment and split-type payment schemes to add convenience to your riders.

  • Convenient Ride Cancellation

Your application should also offer an accommodating interface that promptly allows ride cancelations. Policies regarding this matter should be explicitly stated, and riders should be thoroughly aware of them.

  • App Help Center

This feature is one of the essential elements that you should include in your ride-hailing app. It acts as a security platform that’ll cater to ride experience issues such as the loss of items, behavioral problems, payment issues, and other unwanted mishaps. This feature will allow riders to report any of these concerns through the app. 

  • Inclusion Of An SOS Button For Emergencies

Ride safety should be a primary concern for any ride-hailing service. As such, an SOS button will be a handy feature in case of any mishaps, regardless of who’s at fault. Both the driver and the rider should be able to report any emergency as soon as possible so that responders can hastily render immediate assistance.

  • Ability To Schedule Advance Bookings

It’s also a time-saving feature to let your customers schedule their ride ahead of time. This can be a distinct feature in your app, which will be especially useful to busy entrepreneurs or other clients who want everything to be planned according to their itinerary. This feature will add an extra layer of convenience to their trips.

  • Multilingual Capabilities

A good ride-hailing app will be functional to both the locals and foreign users who speak a different language. It’s an innovative way to make the app available to a broader range of clients and act as a stepping stone to launch your business worldwide.

  • Option To Pin Favorite Locations

Repeatedly entering the same destinations can be pretty bothersome to some clients. To be identified as an innovator in the industry, you can implement a marking solution that lets commuters pin their favorite locations. Riders will appreciate a hassle-free booking experience.

  • Offline Capability

One’s internet connection can be unreliable at times. When both drivers and prospective riders happen to be at a place where the internet is unstable, it might be difficult for them to access the app’s features. Building an app that can maintain some of its features despite a loss in connection will address this issue and improve the user experience.


These are only some of the key features that make a good ride-hailing app. Ultimately, your business’s success will boil down to several factors, including client feedback. Nevertheless, remember to take careful consideration of these features. Each of these may have the potential to deliver immense customer satisfaction for your services.

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