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4 Tips for Planning the Perfect Itinerary for Your Next Business Trip

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Especially after the year we’ve had, merely imagining yourself embarking on a business journey likely makes you feel exhilarated. The excitement of visiting a new city, taking some time to see the local monuments and cultural hotspots, and the wonders of international cuisine on the palm of your hand all make for wonderful inspiration for business travel. However, for any of that to be possible and for you to truly maximize the potential of your business trips, you need to master the art of planning them first.

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Whether you’re an aspiring startup owner doing your best to land more clients, or you’re building international partnerships for an existing organization, your business itinerary needs to be well planned and properly organized. Here, we’ll cover a few of your business trip planning essentials to keep in mind no matter where you go on your next professional adventure.

Look for the perfect accommodation

Even if you are a casual type of person and you don’t mind staying in an eclectic, hip new neighborhood, you also need to keep your professional image in mind. That said, make sure to book the right type of accommodation that is both in line with your budget and also reflects your values and your brand.

Choosing the right accommodation can appeal to your potential investors and future clients and inspire them to trust you if you should organize an in-person meeting in the restaurant of your chosen boutique hotel. It will also allow you easy access to nearby sights and amenities that you can benefit from, so pick the right location that gives you ample options and activities.

Manage your on-site driving needs

Manage your on-site driving needs

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Most business travel will take place in destinations that have handled the pandemic in a structured way, such as New Zealand. That said, even if you know your way around your destination, you should make sure to minimize unnecessary contact (such as in public transportation), follow the local guidelines, and book a local ride for all your transportation needs.

When you’re heading to New Zealand, make sure to use reputable car hire at Perth airport to make sure you can reach your accommodation comfortably and quickly. You can use the same vehicle to meet your clients or potential investors, and not to depend on public transportation (which can be unreliable), and to stay safe when you organize business trips in 2021. This kind of safety precaution builds up your professional image as one of putting your clients’ safety and health first and elevates your reputation as one of professionalism and style.

Think ahead and book your flights early

Flight booking

Although flying is one of those inevitable expenses for your business trips, the least you can do is find smart ways to reduce travel expenses in favor of your company’s overall profit. That said, there are simple, effective ways you can make your flights more budget-friendly, and it all begins with early planning and booking. The sooner you have your trips planned out, the easier it will be to find seats that match your budget.

Add to that, you may opt for saudia.com loyalty programs and collect frequent flyer miles that will enable you to use flight discounts, get rewards and use great deals to get where you need to go… Since conferences and other networking events will be reduced in the foreseeable future, you can time your travels to match low-cost flights, too.

Make the most of travel apps

As a business owner or an employee, you already rely on a slew of tech-based tools that make your daily life easier and your organization streamlined. From project management software to accounting tools, technology is every businessperson’s best friend. The same goes for your travel needs, as you can simply build your own personal set of apps that can help you track expenses, keep your documents in order, and create packing lists to make all these little tasks less of a hassle, especially for last-minute trips.

Apps such as TripIt and Concur allow you to manage your travel-related expenses, to get an overview of what you need in terms of budget, and of course, to keep all of your reservations and documents in one place. Instead of sifting through a dozen or so emails with all of your flight and accommodation reservations, keeping them neatly organized in one app will allow you more time to enjoy your trip and prevent any organizational issues on your end.

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Although travel is changing due to the pandemic and more people will need to improve how they tackle business travel in 2021, these ideas will help you stay on the right track while achieving your business goals. From leveraging technology all the way to choosing location-specific solutions for your trips, make sure to refine your travel itinerary for the upcoming months and you’ll enjoy every trip all the more for it.

About the author: Derek Lotts is an experienced freelance writer and researcher. His main areas of interest are small business, home improvement, and sustainable living. He strongly believes in the power of sharing knowledge and ideas through the mediums of modern technology.

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