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10 Ways To Work Smarter Not Harder

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Many people seem to work harder, putting in lots of time, but still do not achieve success. Experts believe that one should work smarter not harder to improve his/her overall performance and productivity. It also helps enhance job satisfaction as well as earn you respect and recognition in your organization. Besides enjoying job security, you also will be considered a valuable asset. It takes some practice to implement a few strategies to derive the desired objectives.

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Why work smarter not harder?

Several reasons are cited to work smarter and not harder. Following are the benefits derived from working smarter:

  • Increases productivity: You can combine tasks, streamline your processes, save on costs and labor.
  • Saves energy: You should work in short bursts as it allows you to produce better results. Moreover, you can also accomplish challenging tasks with less tension and greater energy.
  • Increases self-esteem: Smart work permits you to develop better quantity product without putting in much effort. This, in turn, enhances your self-confidence and esteem.
  • Be valuable: Organizations prefer to hire employees who have the necessary skills, knowledge and talent to accomplish assigned tasks with less effort. You can also help save your organization valuable resources.
  • Enhances motivation: You can feel and stay positive about your work environment, colleagues, job and yourself.

Tips to work smarter not harder

Tips to work smarter not harder

  • Prepare a short to-do list: This helps you to stay focused and achieve your tasks effortlessly. Focus only on just 3-5 challenging and important tasks on any given day. On completing the most important tasks, you are likely to feel more productive. Then you can start doing the less important ones.
  • Establish morning routine: You should follow a set routine every day. Before starting your work for the day, you can take a short walk to boost your energy and moods. You can also read a book to enjoy gaining valuable knowledge. You can also practice meditation early in the morning as it helps improve your mood and concentration. You can combat anxiety and stress easily.

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  • Block your calendar: This is crucial to get sufficient time to complete your work while being free from unwanted distractions.
  • Establish a closing routine: This helps you position yourself to enjoy a great start and end. Prepare a list of the top 3-5 things to do the following day. Once completed, de-clutter and organize your desk. Also, take computer backup.
  • Measure results, not time: Prepare an ongoing list for everything that you accomplish throughout the day. It will allow you to feel accomplished and stay motivated all the time. You can also anticipate the time taken for future tasks.
  • Quick response: Respond to queries and doubts immediately. This way, you can strike off the task from your list and feel relaxed.
  • Ensure productive meetings: It is important to hold meetings at intervals. If so, then you need to have a solid plan. Prepare an outline to understand what to cover in the meeting including the desired outcome.
  • Improve communication skills: Strengthen your collaboration and communication skills. Work on active listening skills, stay on topic during communication.
  • Set short deadlines: Set reasonable deadlines to complete your assigned tasks. Consider short windows for the same. This strategy will enhance your efficiency and allow you to fulfill your objectives without rushing things.
  • Keep 90-120 minute blocks to work: The human brain is designed to focus at a stretch for about 90 minutes only. Take breaks frequently and divide the day into 90 minute or 2-hour segments. You can focus better and enhance overall productivity.

You should follow the above tips to work smarter not harder and enjoy gaining more productivity.

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