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Tuesday, July 7, 2020
Home Career Top four cybersecurity jobs for 2020

Top four cybersecurity jobs for 2020

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Are you looking for a job in cybersecurity that is both challenging and apt for you? Over the years, the demand for cybersecurity jobs has increased by leaps and bounds. The importance of this domain has become evident. After all, many big names like Uber, Target, and Equifax have experienced the problem of poor security. Undeniably, the issues of cybersecurity are going to become more evident in the upcoming years. This is why every firm should tighten their security measures. There is no harm in investing in skilled cybersecurity employees. With this being said, here are few reputed cybersecurity jobs for you.



#1 Ethical Hacking

This is one of the most interesting and wanted jobs of all time! Even the good guys love to engage in ethical hacking. Getting the right to bad people is not an easy task. One should think like them to understand what has actually gone wrong. This is where ethical hacking plays a major role. Companies invest hundreds of thousands of dollars on white hat hackers. They rely on these professionals to prevent system penetration. you can find more Cyber security jobs at Jooble

Take-home tip: Ethical hacking and malicious hacking are different. Ethical hackers have the liberty to attack other systems. They hack to ensure and to improve security.

#2 Security Architect

Do you know that security architects are some of the highest-paid employees in any company? Becoming a security architect is not easy. And, the role of a security architect is demanding. These professionals are expected to anticipate an attack. They should always look for potential threats to their company. Consequently, they must identify ways of avoiding these threats.

Take-home tip: The role of a security architect is never 9 to 5. Security architects are expected to be on their toes all the time.


#3 Cryptographer

Are you looking for an interesting cybersecurity job that sounds and feels like a hero? If yes, you are searching for cryptography! The role of a cryptographer is to convert conventional data into masked content. They must ensure that data from the organization is transferred safely. Cryptographers are expected to write efficient algorithms that protect data during all transmissions.


#4 Security Software Developer

Last but certainly not least, you can become a security software developer if you want the role of safeguarding all systems in an organization. Developers are responsible for creating tools that can monitor worms, viruses and any kind of malware.

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