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10 Top Futon Beds That You’ll Actually Want to Sleep in

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Futon beds are sleeper sofas. They are now well-designed and super comfortable. The function is everything, and here are the top futon beds to sleep in.

10 Top Futon Beds to Sleep in

1. Brenna convertible sofa from Urban Outfitters

Brenna convertible sofa from urban outfitters futon beds

Urban Outfitters present good home stuff in a low-key and this couch dictates. It appears like any traditional futon with its interior designs but is now in sophisticated leather.

Pros – Easy to clean, nice feel of faux leather, and a decent price

Con- One upholstery option only

2. Wood Sleeper Sofa designed futon from Softline

Wood sleeper sofa designed futon from softline futon beds

Softline is a Danish firm, and this furniture presents Scandinavian sensibilities. The cushions are movable, assuring different seating and offering a homey feel. Remove the back cushions, and is a full-sized bed, while the wide backrest becomes a bedside table.

Pros- Clean design for any décor, clever design, wide backrest

Con- Big price tag

3. Alesso Sleeper Sofa

Alesso sleeper sofa futon beds

For a luxury pick, a one-stop shopping destination is CB2 Alesso Sleeper Sofa is the choice. It is a futon becoming a sleeper sofa. It is a contemporary sofa bridging the gap to become a futon bed, a big comfy sofa, and so on. The two belt-style straps offer the undoing with ease to enjoy a full bed.

Pros- Velvet gives a luxe feel, stunning look, and very cozy

Con- sleeping area is low

4. Shasta Storage Futon from Pottery Barn

Shasta storage futon from pottery barn futon beds

A family with kiddos running around cannot afford to miss this piece from Pottery Barn. The functions are of priority for families, and Shasta Futon offers storage and acts as a couch and a bed.

Pros- Multi-use option, simple look, good upholstery

Con- Less eye-catching design

5. Finn Futon Sofa from West Elm

Finn futon sofa from west elm futon beds

People looking for a pleasant shopping experience as online businesses will find this piece from West Elm a nice option. It has a high price point a futon sofa, but the aesthetic or function does not leave any room for second thoughts.

Pros- classic design, great price, stylish

Con- Pretty small futon

6. Twilight Sleeper Sofa from Softline

Twilight sleeper sofa from softline futon beds

The twilight sleeper sofa is one of the perfect futon beds. It is the exact upgrade of the earlier one, which is under the dorm bed. Now without armrests, it is a futon.

However, adding a beautiful look with luxe materials makes it way more sophisticated with the transformation.

Pros- Good options for upholstery, minimal design

Con- Not appropriate for lounging

7. Denver Trundle Sleeper Sofa from Anthropologie

Denver trundle sleeper sofa from anthropologie futon beds

Is your house receiving frequent guests? It is the best choice to have Denver Trundle Sleeper Sofa as the right guest room option as a futon bed. The couch is pretty and unfolds into a mattress-sized, bed.

Pros- custom options, easy to pull as a bed, USA

Con- As sofas are heavy

8. Sleeper Sofa Bed Couch from Nouhaus

Sleeper sofa bed couch from nouhaus futon beds

As a futon, it is very comfortable, especially the couch part. The long piece in 7 feet is wonderful for lounging and for sleeping. It is a futon bed with a non-futon look.

Pros- comfortable and modern, fits any décor, easy to convert

Con- Tough to find online

9. Jonna Futon from Room & Joy

Jonna futon from room & joy futon beds

Futon couches or bed, it is going to be pricey with adding of cushioning. But, Jonna Futon is an affordable futon shopping destination. Going for a lesser option than $500 is hard to find. This Futon from R&J assures a wide sleeping base, giving a roomy feel.

Pros- Nice upholstery choices, Incredible price

Con- sleeping area reduced with big arms

10. Finnley Sofa Futon from Room & Joy(Target)

Finnley sofa futon from room & joy futon beds

Room & Joys Finnley Sofa Futon featuring a tufted velvet couch makes it highly pretty. The dramatic arms and its interior designs enhance the living room.

Pros- nice price, great looking blue-green upholstery, Neo-Victorian looks

Con- offers average sleeping area.

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