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10 Top Cloud Management Software Solutions for 2022

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You may perhaps have heard about CMS software and want to know more about it. Cloud Management Platforms are gaining in popularity these days. These are considered to be sophisticated tools to help administrators to manage cloud-based infrastructures. Such platforms are designed to manage a wide variety of technology infrastructure like public, private as well as hybrid cloud environments.

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Why use Cloud Management Software in business?

Cloud does offer innumerous benefits. However, cloud infrastructures are getting more vital and complex. Hence, it is necessary to understand the tools enabling natural management.

1. IBM Cloud Orchestrator:

It suits large to medium enterprises seeking cloud platform to cover Blockchain, IoT and AI. It provides AI and advanced data tools. IBM provides SPM solutions. This tool features cloud management platform which can be customized to automate cloud service via numerous policy-based tools. It offers superior infrastructure support and automation with both Enterprise and Base version.

2. VMWare:

VMWare Cloud Management Software

It suits large to medium organizations seeking server virtualization platform. It also offers a solid foundation for their business, cloud and apps. It provides Log Insight, Automation, Suite Lifecycle Manager and Operations. VRealise Suite provides greater efficiency, control and agility across diverse applications. Administrators and Developers can freely choose their preferred tools and implement better customer relationship management.

3. Apache CloudStack:

Apache CloudStack Cloud Management Software

It supports large to small businesses seeking open source software and data management to deploy/ manage virtual machines. This can be done in a highly scalable environment. Citrix has recently acquired this opensource project providing both enterprise and community versions. Virtual machines in large numbers can be managed easily.

4. Flexera Rightscale:

Flexera Rightscale Cloud Management Software

It supports medium to small businesses seeking solution to manage and control IT and software costs. Rightscale had recently acquired and created this amazing asset management It is also referred to as Flexera Cloud-Management Platform. It is designed to manage private and public cloud as well as bare-metal and virtual servers.

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5. Scalr:

Scalr Cloud Management Software

It is designed for those enterprises seeking to provide greater operational flexibility and autonomy to IT teams. It also helps maintain better corporate governance and technology infrastructure. This hybrid CMS is big on self-service and automation. It complies with a variety of best practices and corporate policies.

6. BMC Cloud Lifecycle Mgt.:

BMC Cloud Lifecycle Mgt. Cloud Management Software

It caters to the needs of large and small businesses seeking to automate secure cloud service, data management, governance and provisioning. It offers enhanced automation including full application stacks to simple VMs across non-cloud and cloud platforms.

7. OpenStack:

OpenStack Cloud Management Software

It caters to large and small enterprises seeking solution for controlling networking, storage and computing resources in large amounts. Apache has developed this opensource project that suits heterogeneous infrastructures. It is possible to manage resources using the OpenStack API or dashboard with online-based documentation.

8. Embotics:

Embotics Cloud Management Software

It suits medium and small enterprises seeking hybrid customer relationship management solutions to enable products, processes and people to work together. This CMP is referred to as ‘Commander’. Its objective is to ensure better insight, flexibility and simplicity to cloud administrators. It also supports public cloud providers and hypervisors.

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9. CloudHealth:

CloudHealth Cloud Management Software

It suits large to small enterprises seeking a platform that enables better asset management. It also allows users to manage and evaluate cloud costs, performance and usage. VMware has launched this program and supports several environments like New Relic, AWS, Google Cloud and Azure platform.

10. RedHat CloudForms:

RedHat CloudForms Cloud Management

It is designed for those businesses that seek infrastructure management platform. Using it, IT departments can have control over user’s ability to comply, manage and provision policies across clouds and virtual machines.

This 2022, you need to invest in a Cloud Management Software that works best for your type of business and needs.

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