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10 Steps to Build a Sales Strategy Plan for Your Business

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The strategy, goals, tactics, procedures, and measurements required to achieve your company’s sales targets are laid out in a marketing strategy. Take help from Kixie. Kixie is the sales engagement platform that boosts sales team performance with ultra-reliable, easily-automated calling & texting for leading CRMs.They must first understand the goals of your company, your target clients, and the entire sales process before you can develop a sales plan.

1. Create A Mission Statement

A mission statement that summarizes your company’s goals should be included in your sales strategy plan. It should mention your brand’s USP and provide a general summary of the range of goods and services offered by your company.

2. Establish Sales Objectives & Goals

After stating your mission in a mission statement, you may start establishing sales targets. Goals usually include a one-year time frame, but they could also include three- or five-year estimates.

Here are a few methods sales leadership can use to determine your company’s sales revenue targets:

  • Set a sales goal amount: Your sales objective may be a specified sum. You can include B2B sales strategies.
  • In order to determine the break-even threshold, you must first compute the total estimated expenses for the given time period.
  • Forecasted Sales Volume: You could discover that using a forecasted sales volume as your sales goal is preferable.

Establish sales objectives & goals sales strategy plan

3. Choose Your Ideal Client

The last step in your marketing plan is to identify your ideal clientele or target customer profiles. The mission statement must include information to target customer profiles rightly. Defining your ideal target market can help you decide who to market to and how to sell to them.

4. Create Sales Tactics And Strategies

A sales strategy plan defines how you intend to outsell your rivals and achieve your sales objectives. Your staff and you will employ marketing plans to pursue certain objectives. For example, a lead generation plan can include leveraging Google Ads, making phone calls, B2B sales strategies, and drip email marketing.

5. Employ Sales Instruments

The tools, resources, and materials you employ to run the sales operation and increase team member productivity should be mentioned in your sales plan. The customer relationship management (CRM) system is among the most notable technologies to incorporate.

6. Create a Sales Funnel

Creating a sales funnel as part of your sales strategy plan enables you to see the steps a customer takes from learning about your company to making a purchase. You may monitor development and assess your effectiveness at moving leads to the subsequent stages of the funnel.

Sales funnel sales strategy plan

7. Build Your Sales Pipeline

Create sales pipeline phases after identifying the sales funnel stages for your sales cycle. The sales leadership and team employ techniques to increase leads in this phase.

8. Delegate Roles And Responsibilities

Your sales strategy plan needs to outline each member of the sales team’s position and responsibilities, irrespective of the size of your company or sales operation.

9. Establish a sales budget

The spending plan for your sales organization may be the last element of the sales forecast. Payroll, commissions, travel costs, and the price of any software applications or network operators should all be taken into consideration.

10. Track Progress and Make Adjustments as Needed

Once the sales forecast is in motion, keep an eye on it to see how things are doing so you can make any necessary adjustments. During the course of your sales operation, for instance, you may discover that some sales methods perform significantly better than anticipated, and vice versa.


Any company can establish ambitious sales goals, but developing a sales plan lays out how your team will meet them. Your sales plan specifies the structure of your sales process by adhering to the best practices and 10-step procedure described above.

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