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10 Reasons Why Software Testing Is a Growing Career Field Today

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Software testing is a validation process where software technology and products undergo review. This ensures that the products are up to standard and function in the intended fashion. These testing processes open up careers in automation testing for beginners and professionals.

We have to understand that with software localization experts nowadays, we can have our software in various languages and formats. What that means is that our software now has a global reach. So, it is imperative to make sure our software meets global standards.

Automation testing exposes software defects, bugs, and other issues that can come up. It also tests the current working performance of the software with the desired performance.

Why Is a Career in Software Testing So Important?

Here are a few reasons why software testing is in the spotlight:

To Avoid Bug Infestation

With technology comes software, and with the software comes the tendency of bug infestation. If observed early, these bugs or defects ensure less cost and less time consumption in fixing. Unfortunately, bugs can be very expensive to maintain once inside a software product.

A software bug can be dangerous to human lives and property. We can see this in the crashing of China Airline Airbus A300. This drastic incident happened on April 26th, 1994. Over 200 people lost their lives. Another example of a software bug tragedy is the incident in April 1999. It caused the failure of a military satellite launch. This satellite was worth over 1 billion dollars.

To prevent this, software testing is mandatory. It will help to minimize errors.

It Has Several Career Opportunities

Job opportunities are available for people who are knowledgeable or trained in engineering, mathematics, or computer science. Some of these career opportunities include;

Automation Tester: You can find those who have a passion for coding and a desire to work in the software testing field. These testers write automated test scripts that test the software. These scripts check the level of performance of the software. Some of the testing processes involve performing some sequence test steps.

Online guides for automation software testing are available to start off with your career. Most of such guides are free and provide basic information on automation testing.

Automation tester software testing

QA (Quality Assurance) Analyst: For freshers, this is the basic level that ushers them into the world of software testing. The main job of these analysts is to figure out errors and faults in the software. The automation basics are necessary for this field and can be technical. QA for beginners in software testing is available at this level.You can find tones of QA tester jobs that do not require any experience on Jooble and it is easy to start working remotely.

Test Lead: QA test analyst and an automation tester can receive a promotion to this position.Test lead head and control a team of analysts and automation testers. With this team under their watch, they can monitor the testing process efficiently.

Test Manager: A test manager oversees the work done by the above individuals. He manages the entire testing process and allocates resources where necessary.

Test Architect: The role of the test architect is different from all others. He designs the practice test and automation framework. This process is more tasking and challenging. It takes considerable mental effort.

The 10 Reasons Why the Career Scope in Software Testing Is Brighter Now

Here are a few reasons why there is an influx of job seekers in the software testing segment:

1. High Income

Software testing is quite lucrative. Beginners could receive over $50,000 in a year. Certified professionals can receive an income of over $80,000 per year. Of course, these figures could be more dependent on the task assigned.

2. Less Time to Train

Automation testing for beginners to learn does not take a long timeframe. It takes about a month or more for beginners to have the automation basics. Within this short time frame, you can learn to start automation testing from scratch. The knowledge acquired opens you to several job opportunities in this field.

3. It Is Affordable

The knowledge of the software testing skills is essential. These skills include test scripting, method, tools, test classification, and the like. These testing skills are available for learning on different platforms. Universities do not offer a degree in automation testing for now. Nonetheless, they offer affordable courses related to software testing. You could also learn automation testing online. You can carry out this learning method at your convenience and comfort.

4. The Job Is Not Taxing

Compared to manual labor, automation testing requires a few tasks. This includes; performing risk assessment, testing, test result analysis, improving the quality of the product, and planning.

These takes are not too demanding and energy-consuming. Nonetheless, it demands a lot of aptitudes, thinking, and patience. Because of these less stressful tasks, more individuals troop into the software testing world. As a result, testers hardly work overtime, and the demand for the outcome of the testing process is not so pressing.

5. Good Working Environment

Automation testing provides a comfortable working space. The surrounding environment includes high-tech and nice cooling systems to prevent the computers from overheating. Also, there is the presence of young, vibrant youths. A working environment is different and more engaging when it involves people of like mind within a certain age range.

6. It’s Data-Driven

A software testing career is creative and can be quite challenging at times. In addition, it entails monitoring a lot of data and product trends. Therefore, individuals in this career path are tech-savvy and aptitude inclined.

7. It Requires Creativity

Innovation and creativity are part of the necessary steps needed in software testing. It requires a little detective work. Software testers look for ways and loopholes where possible defects and inconsistencies could be. Bugs and defects can hide in the most irrelevant places.

8. It Is An Ever Learning Process

Ever learning process software testing

There is always more to learn. It could range from coding to automation or security testing. Software testing requires passion and a lot of patience.

9. It Provides Satisfaction For Customers.

The higher the satisfaction of customers, the higher the profit. Therefore, having software products that meet people’s demands is important to top your game in the software industry.

10. It Ensures Security

With tech in vogue, individuals put a lot of their data online. The data provided allows them access to these products. Nonetheless, people still like to keep their personal information to themselves.

Products with a high level of security assure people of safety. No one wants their private details displayed for the whole world to see. Software testers provide that guarantee of safety for users. They inspect the risks of the software and ensure any security loopholes are covered. That they can give this guarantee explains why software testing is so in demand now.


Technology is here to stay, and a means to keep the software it uses in check is necessary. The supervision of this software gave birth to different careers in automation testing. The view of automation testing in the past year was for professionals. Now individuals can learn automation testing online.

Nonetheless, a career in automation testing requires passion and a sharp aptitude. Yet, some quote the high income, and others say these skills take a short time to learn. Whatever the case, we can say that more people are grabbing these opportunities with both hands every day.

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