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10 Best Payment Processing Solutions For Your Business

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People these days are resorting to online business to meet their daily demands. Hence, online shopping has been witnessing unprecedented growth. But then what about taking payments from customers? There have emerged numerous online payment solutions to enable easy, quick and secure payments the world over. Reports state that in 2020, digital payments managed to generate globally an amount of over $5 trillion. Experts state that it is only likely to expand further. Those having eCommerce portal should consider using online payment solution for meeting growing customer expectations. This allows faster transactions, boost sales and increase convenience.

Top 10 Payment Processing Solutions

1. Checkout.com:

Checkout payment processing solutions

It offers faster, reliable payments and enjoys direct acquiring especially in major markets. This company also supports local payment methods, 20+ settlement currencies and 150+ currencies. It also offers powerful integrations while mangos your payments with payment tools and APIs. Every payment gets optimized, thus helping revenue growth.

2. Authorize.net:

Authorize payment processing solutions

It offers simplified payment process allowing payments to be done via eChecks, credit cards and contactless payments. Customers are also offered other payment methods like mobile card readers, billing tools, eCommerce, phone payments, mobile payments, POS, etc. Moreover, customer details are safeguarded from fraudsters.

3. WePay:

Wepay payment processing solutions

Online businesses are suggested to incorporate this payment solution. It offers robust, JPMorgan Chase-powered APIs. Integrated payments are offered for Online Marketplaces, SMB SaaS and POS systems. Using SDKs and open-source code samples, it can be integrated quickly and easily. This tool is just perfect for all business models.

4. GoCardless:

Gocardless payment processing solutions

This payment tool can be integrated easily in the merchant’s website. It helps collect recurring and one-ff payments from bank accounts of customers directly. It also offers benefits like reducing costs, improving cash flow, tracking payments made and reducing failed payments. It also assists with reduction of enterprise churn, international barriers, operational expenses, conversion risks and time to get payments.

5. Braintree:

Braintree payment processing solutions

It allows reaching more number of buyers, thereby increasing revenue. This platform manages to integrate popular digital wallets such as Apple Pay, Google Pay along with credit cards, debit cards, PayPal and Venmo. Through PayPal network and next-gen technology, you can expand your business reach.

6. Stripe:

Stripe payment processing solutions

Your website can derive robust payment infrastructure with this platform. It’s software and APIs allow sending/accepting payments, manage online business. It offers similar service and quality to both small and large businesses. This integrated suite helps develop sites and apps to send/accept payments on a global scale.

7. PayPal:

Paypal payment processing solutions

It is undoubtedly one of the most popular payment platform used by most merchant’s websites. This is because it caters to the needs of businesses of all scales, sizes and industry. You can use its multiple tools to improve business growth.

8. BlueSnap:

Bluesnap payment processing solutions

This all-in-one payment platform can help increase sales and reduce costs effectively. You can get to know how your payments affect your web business. Solutions can also be availed to reduce checkout abandonment and technical debt, increase authorization rates as well as avoid cross-border fees.

9. Dwolla:

Dwolla payment processing solutions

Started in 2010 in the US, this company has been trying to dethrone PayPal. It allows recurring, one-time fund transfer along with mass payments. It is available online. Also can be found mobile app for Android and iOS users.

10. Adyen:

Adyen payment

It manages to offer diverse solutions for Online Marketplaces. It ranges from accepting online payments from any channel or device to add payment techniques to improve conversion rates. All payment methods that customers trust can be included in it. Also can be improved authorization rates and optimize payments at every engagement point.

The above are the top Payment Processing Solutions that you can consider implementing on your online shopping site.

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