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7 Most Popular Online Payment Solutions

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Human behavior changes rapidly, and adapting to online payment platforms has become mandatory. Making cash payments is long gone. Now, there are different payment methods, and it varies with each business. The nature of businesses is appealing, and with the advancement of technology, the instant payment methods facilitate achieving success and profitability.

There are new players such as mobile wallets, mobile payments, UPI, etc, while payment space shifts digital. No matter how one opts to make online money, there is a need for user-friendly payment options that is safe and reliable.

List of top 7 best online payment solutions

1. PayPal

Paypal most popular online payment solution

PayPal is huge, and it has over 305 million active users. It is popular in more than 200 countries. As a user of PayPal, withdrawing funds in different currencies is possible. There is no need to worry about annual maintenance, monthly membership fees, or even maintaining a balance. PayPal is safe and can be connected to multiple credit and debit cards. Buying online items without giving financial information is possible. Purchasing online items is easy, even with zero PayPal balance, as it connects to your current account.

2. Stripe

Stripe most popular online payment solutions

Stripe is identical to PayPal as it is user-friendly. It requires no membership or monthly fee. It assures a safe shopping experience. If you are considering a customized platform for payment, Stripe is the right solution. The advantage is that Stripe has features and special tools to create a personalized payment platform as electronic payment services for a company. It includes SQL business intelligence, physical and virtual cards to maintain employee expenses, and Stripe Radar, an advanced fraud-management tool. Stripe is the right choice for big companies looking for customized payment solutions.

3. Payoneer

Payoneer online payment service providers

Payoneer is the global payment processing service available in over 200 countries, and it accepts nearly 150 currencies. The payment receiving includes no cost, and the platform is a flexible API to grow your business. You may receive a MasterCard in plastic, like PayPal, if you do not wish to go for 100% digital.

4. Google Pay

Google pay online payment solutions

Google Pay allows users online payment solutions that offer simple, safe, and speedy money transfers from Gmail account, browser, or Smartphone. It offers the facility of storing loyalty cards, debit cards, credit cards, and to giving gift cards to accounts. Google Pay entertains millions of Internet users for services and is making the Google Pay purchase a simpler process.  Google does not charge any fees to the merchants to accept Google Pay. Shoppers paying through Google Pay can have an easy transaction.

5. Amazon Pay

Amazon pay popular online payment platform

Using Amazon Pay, it is easy and quick to reach out to users. Customers paying for the services or goods purchased through Amazon Pay can log in to their Amazon account. The advantage of choosing Amazon Pay as an online payment solution is that it is simple to set with your site. With one account, there are thousands of sites that customers can access. It is optimized for voice, mobile search, and offers refunds seamlessly. Customers can enjoy peace of mind. Purchasing on the site is convenient as it takes through Amazon checkout. It means their credentials make the process trustworthy and convenient.

6. Apple Pay

Apple pay online payment solutions

Accepting Apple Pay is convenient for a merchant. The transactions are secure and faster with Apple Pay as it facilitates touch ID confirmation. Apple Pay service will support all the newer machines. Customers using fingerprints to pay is a facility, and Apple is working continuously within a message on the P2P payment system.

7. Skrill

Skirll popular online payment provider

Skrill is one of the popular payment options identical to PayPal. Its features are deposits, instant withdrawals and exclusive offers, low transaction fees, acceptance of over 40 currencies, and sending direct text messages from the account. Skrill account entertains users to refer their friends, and the company will generate sending money of 10 percent of their fees to your account.

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