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10 Best AI Tools and Services for Online Marketing and Business

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As a marketer, you are to deal with a variety of platforms, tasks, and content types on a daily basis. It may result in unmanageable loads, thus making you put in all efforts to complete your tasks on time. You may wish to get help to overcome such situations. In such a case, you can avail of cutting-edge AI tools Automation Solutions. It enhances your marketing efforts, eases your workload, and improves creativity and quality. Leveraging such tools enables you to tackle different aspects involved in marketing. You can also elevate your performance.

Top AI Tools for your business

1. Surfer SEO:

Ai tools: surfer seo

It analyzes comprehensively search term SERPS while comparing your developed content against top-ranking pages. Content analysis allows you to be on track by checking out image, content length, and semantic NPL terms. You can choose country-specific SERPs to localize developed content. Content is scored against top article findings in focus SERPs.

2. Jasper:

Ai tools: jasper

Marketers can benefit from this all-purpose AI marketing tool. AI is leveraged in multiple ways. It has a proprietary LLM with live sales and marketing content. SEO integrations are also part of this tool, thus being a content generation exclusively for SERP-topping content. Images can be created based on text prompts. Content creation is achieved in ChatGPT-styled UI.

3. Grammarly:


This copy-editing AI-powered platform allows you to publish your content with great confidence. You don’t have to worry about those annoying typos. Grammar and basic spell check can be achieved even with its free version. Paid plans can restructure, write, and reword whole sentences quickly. Careful Market Trends Analysis is desired.

4. Ocoya:


Social media managers can benefit from this Social Media Automation and scheduler tool. It has AI writing assistant, content scheduling tool, and visual post creator. It enables cross-platform scheduling using a single dashboard and has a vast Template library to post images. eCommerce integration is done for product-based marketing asset development.

5. Lately:

Lately - tycoonstory

This content repurposing, AI platform allows you to know your brand voice and audience better. Accordingly, you can develop content that clicks. After content creation and repurposing, your posts are scheduled to enable it at posting times when your followers are active. This Social Media Automation tool allows publishing of content on multiple platforms.

6. Pictory AI:

This video generator is designed to promote business on social channels and websites. It has unique editing features enabling you to convert text to videos that can be edited with text. Thus, your writing team does not require retraining and can undertake video creation.

7. Adzooma:

This ad management platform enables the latest Market Trends Analysis. Ads can now be managed effortlessly across multiple channels like Meta, Google Ads, etc. Easy metrics and ad scores enable you to predict accurately your ad performance and make necessary changes.

8. Otter AI:

This AI-powered advanced transcription service enables you to get accurate transcriptions of all live meetings conducted. It captures vital slides by listening to your meetings. It also develops meeting notes having time stamps, displaying clearly the contributors. Otter AI integrates with your desired meeting platform.

9. GrowthBar:

It is among the best AI writing applications and SEO content researching Automation Solutions. Editors and content marketers can plan, research, write as well as optimize developed content to occupy Google’s top positions. It speeds content creation and ideation laying emphasis on developing better content.

10. Tidio:


This chatbot platform is designed exclusively to offer excellent customer service. It combines advanced AI Tools with traditional workflow-based chatbots. Users can develop AI-driven bots with the power to reduce churn rates, deliver amazing customer interactions, and build customer loyalty.

Thus, you need to carry out thorough research to determine the right AI Tools that suit your business needs.

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