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Saturday, August 8, 2020
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How Women to Become a Successful Entrepreneur

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The world has changed and women have proven that they are no less than men in any field. You can see at workplace where women work shoulder to shoulder with their male counterpart.

It is the right time for every housewife to have a career for herself.

How Can Housewife Become an Entrepreneur?

How are you going to do it?

Well! As you know women could play an important role in helping the economy to grow.

There are various sectors of our economy where there is a huge opportunity to explore new things.

The demand is in the market however there is no supply; therefore women can play their role and fill this demand and supply gap.

Especially, developing country like India where human resource is so untapped, women can play their role and emerge as an important player.

This gives them an opportunity for a woman to start a small business and working their way forward to become a successful entrepreneur.

What Women Need to Become Entrepreneur?

Surely, woman can be an entrepreneur. But she needs to have certain quality in her. Some of them are:

1. Ambition – The first thing that differentiates women with men is ambition. So women must have an ambition to succeed.

2. Self Confidence – Yes you can do it.

3. Area of Interest – She has to identify an area of interest. It means area or a field in which she is good at.

4. Right Planning and Strategy – She must have a plan or roadmap laid out.

5. Do not give up – Don’t give up because of some pressure.

10 Ways for Women to Become a Successful Entrepreneur

Although there are many entrepreneurship opportunities for women in India but here are the top 10 areas where you can focus.

1. Knitting and Stitching

You could start a small shop with a minimum investment for Rs 30,000/- to Rs 50,000/-.

You would require good tailors, few sewing machines and some other stuff like thread etc.

Initially you do not have to hire anyone as you could start alone and wait for customers to come.

Later, it is up to your hard work that you expand your customer base.

2. Food Catering and Packaging

Next great thing that a woman can excel is the catering of food and beverages.

If you have two to three cooks then you could take orders & start a Tiffin services.

You can cater to the people who work from 9 to 5. If your food is good at right price then you might get orders for thousands customers daily.

You need to do a little bit promotions like distributing handbills or advertising in some local newspaper. You can also list your service in websites like JustDial, AskLaila etc.

3. Coaching Academy

As we know women are great teachers. Hence, you could start your own teaching academy where you teach few dozens of children.

Later you can expand it by taking help of advertisement to get more students enrolled.

You can give tuition and other coaching.

4. Nursing and Maternal Care

Nursing home and maternal care centre are the best way to serve the woman of our society.

You could start a nursing center or maternal care that will help women to deliver babies.

However, you must have a strong medical background. You could really expand this business and open many such centers across your city.

5. Data Entry Operator – Online and Offline

You could hire few data entry operators and input data into the computers given by a particular company.

Companies want to outsource their work to others hence you could take a project and complete their work.

You could run your data entry business online or offline.

6. Daycare or Nursery School

Similarly, you could also start a daycare or a nursery school. People living in cities are very busy because both father and mother are working somewhere hence they do not have time to look after their children.

So they are ready to give you and you can teach something to them. You have a great chance to expand your business.

7. Spa and Beauty Parlor

Women love to spend on their beauty. Hence, you could start a spa or fitness center. If you do not have resources to start a spa then you could start at least a beauty parlor.

Later you could start many such parlor or salons in your area. This is very lucrative business where women have every opportunity to thrive.

8. Relationship Counselor

You could help thousands of women living in cities to make their relationships.

Due to stress and other factors relationship with spouse goes for a bumpy road. You can help to cope up with that.

Hence counseling is best way.

9. Human Resource Manager

Women are considered to be best human resource manager. You could recruit best talent and send them to the companies which are in great need.

It is very as you have to start a small consultancy service.

10. Starting a Call Center

You could easily start a domestic call center run by only ladies. You could recruit only ladies as tele-callers.

Initial investment is required but it is a great business idea.

If you are women then you could start anyone of them and later make it big by expanding in your city.

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