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Home Startup Robin Smith, Co-founder and CEO of WeGoLook, Shares Her Startup Story

Robin Smith, Co-founder and CEO of WeGoLook, Shares Her Startup Story

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Robin Smith founded WeGoLook in 2009 after a dinner conversation. A friend was interested in buying an eBay item listed out-of-state but was having difficulty obtaining clear information on the item and making a confident purchasing decision sight unseen. This prompted her to develop a basic business model and recruit her first group of 4,500 Lookers (agents).

Known as the ‘Uber of Inspections,’ WeGoLook dispatches Lookers on behalf of individuals and businesses to capture on-site data of any asset (photos, videos, answers to questions) or perform custom tasks (notarizations, police report retrievals, etc). This allows the customer to receive on-demand reports in a cost-effective manner.

Robin’s positive outlook and her ability to pivot the company from B2C to support B2B services when she saw the opportunity, recently garnered interest from the world’s largest third-party claims handling processor, Crawford & Co., to acquire 85% of WeGoLook, now valuing the company at $42.5 million.


Due to innovative technology, WeGoLook is now seamlessly integrating with enterprise clients to augment and supplement their workforce. The 30,000+ army of gig economy workers, called “Lookers” are spread out across the United States, Canada, Australia, and the UK. Lookers are comprised of mobile notaries, process servers, photographers, retirees, and other persons utilizing opportunities within the crowd sharing economy.

Robin Smith, Co-founder and CEO of WeGoLook, Shares Her Startup Story

Lookers are hired at the press of a button to do practically any task a business or individual needs. They are paid by “Look” completed. With a powerful online dashboard, robust customer service and enterprise-level vetting and quality assurance, WeGoLook brings the on-demand economy securely to SMBs and enterprises, thanks to the Lookers.

Business is booming. “WeGoLook provides innovative services and workforce efficiencies for large companies,” said Robin Smith. “Companies receive field data in real time and with cost savings compared to traditional service providers.” 


Robin Smith, Co-founder and CEO of WeGoLook, Shares Her Startup Story

“We don’t simply act as a vendor for our business clients” Robin said, “we are very much a part of the process.”

By combining mobile technology and an on-demand workforce, WeGoLook is creating faster and more efficient process flows within the traditional supply chain.

A Short Story of  Robin Smith

Robin Smith is the co-founder and CEO of WeGoLook. Her desire to bolster confidence in purchase decisions by online consumers led her to found WeGoLook, a crowd-sourced verification platform utilized across every industry. WeGoLook features a crowdsourcing platform of over 30,000 nationwide “Lookers” and 100+ employees in OKC.

She has an extensive background in sales beginning her career with the Washington Post in college, then advancing to regional and management positions in Missouri and Mississippi before returning to Oklahoma. Back in Oklahoma, Robin started her own consulting firm transitioning automotive dealership into internet sales. Her e-commerce experience and development of enterprise solutions combined with her early entry into the on-demand economy, make her a unique voice in tech, crowdsourcing, and the gig economy.


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