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Ziggma Review | Is This Online Stock Analysis The Real Deal?

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So, you’re looking into Ziggma, that online stock analysis platform everyone’s been buzzing about, right? You might be concerned if it’s the real deal or just another hyped-up tool. Well, I’ve got some interesting insights for you. Ziggma aims to make investing easier and more accessible for people like you, who may not have a finance degree or a ton of time to spend on research.

It offers a user-friendly interface and features to help you make informed investment decisions.

Of course, you want to know the pros and cons of this service and what it will cost you if you decide to use it.

Well, stick around, because those and more are what we’ll dive into together in this Ziggma review.

About Ziggma

It all started in 2019, when Ulrich Ebensperger and a group of skilled financial analysts and software engineers came together. They officially launched their platform in March 2021. Have you ever heard of the Greek letter sigma?

Well, that’s where they got the name Ziggma from because it’s often associated with portfolio risk in the investing world.

Now, the main idea behind Ziggma is to help investors in two big ways. First, they want to ensure investors get what’s happening with their investment portfolios and make the best trading decisions.

Do you know how sometimes people don’t keep up with their portfolios and end up underperforming? That’s the number one reason for poor results, and Ziggma wants to change that.

The Ziggma team developed unique tools for tracking and optimizing portfolios to tackle this issue. These tools aren’t just for the portfolios you link to your Ziggma account but can also be used for virtual portfolios.

Features of Ziggma

Features of ziggma online stock analysis platform

What exactly are the key features offered by this platform that is worth your time and investment? Well, let’s have a look at them.

1. Portfolio Simulation

With Ziggma’s nifty Portfolio Simulation feature, you can easily see the potential impact of trade on your investment portfolio. It shows how a trade might change your portfolio’s composition, average yield, or growth.

This tool exemplifies how Ziggma’s team harnesses their expertise in institutional finance to create innovative features for individual investors like you.

2. Stock and ETF Screening

The user-friendly stock and ETF screener by Ziggma is designed for an unparalleled user experience.

Instead of manual input, search parameters are adjusted with sliding scales. It’s concise, avoiding clutter from rarely-used metrics and endless dropdown menus.

As you modify the search parameters, the results update in real-time, streamlining the screening process.

You should also check out our post on the best stock screeners now making waves in the U.S. market.

It’ll be helpful if you’re looking for the best stock research websites that do the job. 

3. Stock Profiles

Ziggma’s goal wasn’t to revolutionize company profile pages but to streamline stock research. They offer a handy strengths and weaknesses summary, similar to what you’d find in reports from major investment banks.

4. Proprietary Quantitative Stock Research

Ziggma’s quantitative stock analysis helps users evaluate a stock’s appeal compared to industry competitors using thousands of KPI data points.

Users can make more informed investment decisions by focusing on high-scoring stocks and steering clear of those with low Ziggma Scores.

5. Ziggma’s Model Portfolios

Looking for some inspiration? Ziggma has two types of model portfolios. Their in-house Model Portfolios, curated by expert analysts, cater to various investment styles like growth, value, low volatility, high yield, or even climate impact.

The second variety, Guru Portfolios, features the top 10 holdings of some of the world’s most prominent investors, such as Warren Buffett, Ray Dalio, and Paul Singer.

Ziggma provides valuable insights and inspiration through these model portfolios, making crafting your investment strategy easier.

Ziggma Pricing

When using Ziggma, you have two choices: go for the free ride or invest a little money.

Free plan

To hop on the Ziggma bandwagon, you only need to sign up with your email or use your Google or Facebook account. Once that’s done, connect your brokerage account(s) to bring your investments on board.

They work with tons of banks and brokers in the U.S. You’ll set up a virtual portfolio and, if you like, import a watchlist or another virtual portfolio from Yahoo Finance.

Now, what do you get with the free plan? You’ll have access to a nifty portfolio tracker, stock and ETF screener, stock scoring, a dividend tracker, and a way to check your portfolio’s carbon footprint.

You’ll also have a dashboard that gives you a comprehensive view of your accounts. Plus, you can monitor all markets and curate financial data for the most effective outcomes.

Premium Plan

If you’re willing to part with $9.90 a month or $89 a year, you can upgrade to Ziggma’s premium plan. Some of their exclusive features, like Ziggma stock scores and the portfolio simulator, are only available to subscribers.

And, as Ziggma keeps adding new features, you’ll find most of them are reserved for paying members.

With the premium plan, you’ll enjoy everything from the free plan and some cool extras like smart alerts, a portfolio simulator, a top 50 stock list, and those coveted Ziggma stock scores.

You’ll also have the power to save search screens, create model portfolios, and put your investment strategies to the test.

Pros of Ziggma

  • Provides free portfolio management tools
  • Offers a list of the top 50 stocks
  • Considers the Climate Impact of Investments
  • User-friendly platform
  • A reasonably priced plan

Cons of Ziggma

1. Inadequate coverage of international stocks

Is Ziggma the right stock analysis platform for you?

Ziggma is the ideal portfolio tracker for long-term investors seeking unique tools to stay on top of their investments. Designed to make portfolio management a breeze for self-directed, long-term investors, Ziggma truly delivers.

The platform addresses significant concerns for a specific group of long-term investors who find it challenging to monitor crucial portfolio metrics.

Keeping track of portfolio distribution, target prices, dividends, or the financial performance of portfolio companies can become quite a task, particularly as your portfolio expands.

With Ziggma’s top-notch portfolio tracking app, you’ll be well-equipped to achieve your long-term investment goals efficiently.

Ziggma offers a 7-day free trial of the premium plan so you can take it for a spin before making up your mind. This way, you can experience all the perks and benefits of going premium without any pressure to decide.

Click here to sign up for Ziggma and see what this stock analysis platform can do for you. 

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