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Your Target Audience Keeps Missing Your Website – Here’s How To Fix It

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After extensive planning and effort, you’ve finally built a website for your firm, which has been appointed and designed painstakingly to reflect your vision and core values. Yet, weeks have passed, and hardly a handful of visitors have come across your site, and none of them have made the effort to either get in touch, or engage your services so far.

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It’s disappointing, but this is the story of 90% of the nearly 1.2 billion websites on the internet, with a bulk of the global traffic only headed towards a handful of top sites, with the rest making do with scraps.

There are, however, ways in which your website can be repositioned to effectively attract and cater to your target audiences, and in this article, we will go over some tried and tested strategies for the same.

1. Create Content That Adds Value

Despite the 100s of millions of pages of new content created each month, good quality content that adds value to readers, continues to stand out

Unless you plan on using your website as a mere business card, with contact information, a brief bio, and nothing more, quality content that is relevant to your niche, apart from aligning with your broader goals and objectives are absolutely essential.

Identify the pain-points of your customers, and start addressing them with in-depth articles, filled to the brim with information. This not only serves to prove your skills and authority, but even appeals to search engine algorithms that are hardwired to reward quality content.

2. SEO Optimization

SEO Optimization Target Audience

While search engines remain hungry for quality content, website owners need to do their part in making sure their site is perfectly structured for search bots and algorithms. This comes under the broad field of search engine optimization, which starts with on-site optimization for pages, content, and blog posts.

There are a series of steps to follow to get your site indexed in Google, this involves submitting a sitemap, and verifying in the Search Console. Beyond this, SEO positioning can be further enhanced with the right keywords, interlinking between articles, and building external backlinks, among other things.

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3. Web Design That Aligns

If content is king, good quality design is the queen. Whether you like it or not, no matter how good the content on your site is, visitors respect visuals, and constantly associate good designs with quality, authority, and even expertise.

The design of your site has to perfectly align with your niche, target audiences, content, and the nature of products and services provided. For example, for a law firm website, the design scheme should essentially promote a sense of professionalism, with no unnecessary flashy colors, or visuals.

Just subtle variations in the design can result in monumental changes in lead generation and conversion rates, so business owners should never ignore the importance of design. There are quite a few directories and boards to seek inspiration from, such as this list of the top law firm websites.

4. Leverage Other Mediums

While search engines are the cheapest source of targeted traffic for a site, there are other avenues to get visitors, mostly involving social media sites such as Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, and more. These services may not result in leads or conversions, but can help in improving the overall authority of the site.

These sources often result in quick traffic, without having to wait for months, such as in the case of search engine traffic, and most importantly, engagement and signals generated on social media stands to complement your SEO efforts, with social signals getting a lot of importance among search ranking factors.

Your website is far from the only medium to reach your target audience, and in many cases, you might get clients via social media sites themselves, so a presence on these networks is definitely worth the effort, even if you fail to see immediate results.

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Final Words

A website is indispensable for law firms, and other professional services alike, but most firms are yet to make the most of their sites, and end up leaving a lot of potential traffic, and business on the table, owing to a lack of digital marketing know-how.

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