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Tuesday, May 26, 2020
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Why is women’s empowerment important for development?

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Women are a vital part of the major world economies. Being the majority on the planet, it goes without saying that they are vital to its existence. They require all the support that we can give them as a society in their quest for greatness. This however has not been the case in many communities. Women empowerment has been ignored, with many women left to fend on their own. This marginalization has seen numerous people come up to the rescue of women. This has seen world leaders advocating for women empowerment and the assistance of women to fulfill their dreams and aspirations.

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There have been numerous collaborations in this noble quest. There has been a mutual understanding that there is no tool for development and ensuring the well-being of a society than women empowerment. You may wonder, what is the aim of women empowerment? Aren’t they just as the male gender and should work on their own to achieve whatever they want? This has been disproved from the numerous studies that have shown the direct comparison of women empowerment to the success of an economy and development of a people. This is why you should always participate in women empowerment agendas.

1: The power in numbers

women empowerment

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Women constitute over half of the world’s population and are historically responsible for developing future generations. I think these two points are enough to state the immense need for empowerment. When a woman gets socially, psychologically, and economically empowered, she builds the family and community too and becomes a role model for her children and others. Hence it makes for smart economics and a better society to empower women as it will result in the development of the community as a whole.

2: A solid workforce

Many of the people behind the major sectors in the economy are women. In many developing countries, women account for a big part of the informal sector. They are the majority of the fruit vendors and other sectors that are vital to the growth of the economy. Their resilience has seen them grow from these humble beginnings to leading corporate giants. With proper empowerment, women can stir levels of development not witnessed before.

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3: Their high levels of empathy make them perfect

Everyone loves to have a woman figure to inspire them in their journey. This is primarily the reason many educators for young children are women. They just have a way to bring out the best in everyone. These great levels of understanding have seen women in political positions inspire high levels of development in their communities. This just goes to show how women empowerment makes a great difference.

We should all come together to ensure a safe space for the growth of women. They are capable of greatness, and through women empowerment, they can achieve this and much more.

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