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Tuesday, May 26, 2020
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What Is Women’s Empowerment?

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It is no doubt that women and girls are among the most marginalized in the world. They are constantly prejudiced upon matters of economic empowerment and political opportunities. Until the recent past, many communities in the world did not consider women to be “fit” for an education. This thus resulted in a large percentage of women being uneducated and illiterate than men. This marginalization has seen numerous people come up to the rescue of women. This has seen world leaders advocating for women empowerment and the assistance of women to fulfill their dreams. There have been numerous collaborations with this. There has been a mutual understanding that there is no tool for development and ensuring the well-being of a society than women empowerment.

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A history of the difficult path for women.

Stemming from the societal notion that women were created for the service of men, it has seen them getting the shorter end of the stick. Women have been passed for numerous opportunities that were interpreted to belong to men. These include the chance for major leadership roles that have seen numerous countries in the world not having any woman president in their history. Another instance of discrimination has been seen in many renowned organizations such as NASA

NASA astronaut Christina Koch now holds the record for the longest space flight by a woman.

Until recently, women were not considered to be good astronauts and even didn’t make it to the staff. They were majorly considered for secretarial jobs. These constant trials to put women down has however had the contrary effect, with women rising from the ashes and achieving greatness. This can be attributed to women empowerment.

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The leading role of women in empowerment.

Women empowerment has gone a long way towards trying to achieve equality for women. This has seen them allocated similar education opportunities to their male counterparts. Women have become the leading voices in their fields and broken all barriers. The gap has constantly fallen with the percentages coming close to being equal.

They have also not been left behind in politics. This has seen numerous countries establishing a gender-balanced government and some are even led by these passionate lea. The glass ceiling was broken in 2016 when a change in history was made. This was after Hillary Clinton, a major supporter of women empowerment defeated all odds and ran for the highest office in America, the presidency. This was a defining moment that saw her win the popular vote. It was an inspiration to women all over the world.

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Women have also scaled the ladder of their career with many becoming the leaders of major corporate giants. There is truly no limit for what women have been able to achieve from women empowerment. As the renowned women leaders of the world say, empowering a woman is similar to empowering the whole community.

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