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Top 10 Famous Women Entrepreneurs in India!

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In the past decade, many famous women entrepreneurs have surfaced from the Indian society. Let’s learn more about the top 10 famous women entrepreneurs from India.

#1 Vandana Luthra

Top 10 Famous Women Entrepreneurs in India!

Luthra is the founder of VLCC. She is a businesswoman, chairperson, and philanthropist in the wellness and beauty industry. Her company began in the late 1980s. Today it has numerous branches around the country. Luthra also takes care of “Khushi”, an NGO that offers free education to the physically challenged and underprivileged.

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#2 Kiran Mazumdar Shaw

Kiran Mazumdar Shaw businesswomen

Mrs. Shaw is the founder of Biocon. She is one of India’s wealthiest businesswomen in the field of biopharmaceutical. The firm was founded in the late 1970s. This was India’s first company to be approved by the USFDA.

#3 Priya Paul

Priya Paul

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Mrs. Paul is the chairperson of the Park Hotel. She completed her studies from the reputed Wellesley College in the US. She has received one of the country’s most honorable awards called “Padma Shree”.

#4 Ritu Kumar

Ritu Kumar

Ritu Kumar is extremely famous in the fashion industry. Her career kick-started from Kolkata. She began by stitching evening clothes and bridal wear. Today, her business is active in many foreign countries. She received the Padma Shree award too!

#5 Suchi Mukherjee

Suchi Mukherjee

Suchi Mukherjee rose to fame with her Limeroad application. This is an online shopping platform for lifestyle accessories and clothing. Indeed, this is one of the country’s most admired sites for online shopping.

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#6 Indra Nooyi

Indra Nooyi

Another famous woman entrepreneur in India would be Nooyi. She is a board member of Amazon. And, once she was the CEO of PepsiCo. Currently, Nooyi is identified as one of the most powerful women in the world by Forbes.

#7 Aditi Gupta

Aditi Gupta

Gupta is the co-founder of the company Menstrupedia. This is a comic book that is specially written for young girls. As suggested by its name, it focuses on menstruation. By the end of 2014, this company tied hands with Whisper India.

#8 Falguni Nayar

Falguni Nayar

The talk about famous female entrepreneurs in India will be incomplete without the founder of Nykaa. She was an investment banker, who turned into a successful businesswoman. Nykaa specializes in selling wellness and cosmetic products.

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#9 Vani Kola

Vani Kola

Another smart venture capitalist in the country would be Vani Kola. She is the MD of Kalaari Capital. After spending two decades in Silicon Valley, Kola returned to India with a great idea. Today, she is ranked as a woman of great worth by the NDTV.

#10 Radhika Ghai Aggarwal

Radhika Ghai Aggarwal

Finally, we have the co-founder of Shopclues.com. Ms. Aggarwal has more than 15 years of sound marketing knowledge. She has worked in multiple industries like public relations, lifestyle, and fashion. The company shopclues was founded in 2011, at the Silicon Valley. Today, it operates in 9 thousand cities and has nearly 7 million viewers every month.

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