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Tuesday, May 26, 2020
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Necessary steps for women’s empowerment

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Women are a vital part of the major world economies. Being the majority on the planet, it goes without saying that they are vital to its existence. They require all the support that we can give them as a society in their quest for greatness. This however has not been the case in many communities. Women empowerment has been ignored, with many women left to fend on their own.

The statistics of women brutality has been on the rise. This has seen every day; three women being killed by their male counterparts in the United States. These are horrific numbers and goes to show how much women empowerment is important and should be given the seriousness it deserves. These are necessary steps that should be undertaken to ensure women get similar opportunities for growth.

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1: Let women and girls express themselves freely

I many parts of the world, women are constantly side-lined in major decision-making processes. This is although they could have better ideas or matters that could directly affect them. This has thus led to women considering their opinion second fiddle to that of men. To achieve women empowerment, this is one of the key features that must be corrected. Women should also be included in the decision-making process and their opinions considered.

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2: Ensuring education opportunities are gender-sensitive

Access to education makes people critical thinkers, and this is particularly why women should also be allowed to acquire an education. Education opportunities should be accorded evenly to all genders to ensure women are not left behind in the betterment of their lives. It has also been observed that women who get an education opportunity can inspire the entire community and bring forth the change needed. This vital step in women empowerment step is among the most vital of them all.

3: Give proper value to women’s work and contribution

In many sectors of the economy, women make only a fraction of what men make. This has seen women making only 75 cents to the dollar of what men make. This has thus seen them put in more effort to achieve what men can achieve with minimal effort. This disparity also extends to sports where women make only a minimum amount of what men make. There are numerous factors involved, but it would go a long way to reduce this difference. Women empowerment means they too are accorded proper remuneration for work done. Equal work for equal pay.

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Empowering women is one of the factors that have to be put into consideration in achieving a just society. We should all be on the forefront of making their lives better and help them achieve their dreams and aspirations. An uplifted woman is a society made better.

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