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Wednesday, July 8, 2020
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Functions of Women Entrepreneurs in Entrepreneurship!

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Many a time, people tend to consider women entrepreneurs as a whole new world. The reality is quite different. All the characteristics of entrepreneurship can be applied to women entrepreneurs.

In this modern era, the role played by women had changed considerably. They are no longer limited to families and homes. Today, women had launched many successful businesses. Whether it is a million-dollar idea or a unique way of implementation – women have the knack of doing things.

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Meanwhile, the world has given many sensational functionalities to women entrepreneurs. One might consider this as a redundant list. However, the mere fact that this “list” exists is interesting. So, let’s get started on a few common functions of a women entrepreneur.

1. Planning 

First things first, any business needs proper planning. This acts as the cornerstone of growth and stability. This is a minimal managerial functionality that helps in creating a pathway. Questions like how, when, why, and what are answered during this stage.

2. Organization 

Women entrepreneurs have an extended duty to organize as much as possible. It is crucial for them to build walls between personal and professional life. Meanwhile, it is also important for them to coordinate, arrange, mentor, and control everything that happens in their company.

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The worst part of “organizing” for women entrepreneurs would be the fact that they need to handle men. And, this can be an unnerving experience.

3. Staffing 

One of the toughest functions of women entrepreneurs would be staffing. Just like investors, many potential candidates believe that companies can be run by men, and never by women. When you need to hire “such” professionals into your firm – things can become extremely challenging.

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Staffing doesn’t end with recruitment. It involves many stages like appraisal, hikes, promotions, remuneration, career advice, and training. All these aspects need to be managed from day #1.

4. Leadership 

Another crucial, but doubtful zone for women entrepreneurs would be leadership. Most women tend to underestimate their leadership qualities. Over the last few decades (or not centuries), this has become a social norm. But, women are much more capable. They have the talent to direct and serve as great “leaders”.

As a part of leadership, women need to build their confidence. They have to create a strong personal image, which can result in a lasting impression.

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5. The others 

Few other functions of women entrepreneurs would be motivation, coordination, controlling, and supervision

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