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With Custom Boxes, Shipping and Handling Doesn’t Have to Be Hard

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Transportation is a crucial aspect of modern society and it is one of the features of highly developed nations to have very efficient transport systems. This is because, that is the means through which people, goods and cargos are moved from one point to another.

There are different logistics that are involved in transportation and there are organizations whose business it is to handle these travel and transport logistics. Custom boxes are used to make things easier for the transporter and to add a personal touch to the package being transported.

What Are Custom Boxes?

What are custom boxes proper packaging

Simply put, they are unique boxes tailored to showcase an organization, an individual or in most cases a brand. It is used primarily for custom packaging which is as opposed to the use of a standard box (that is one which was pre-made) to package certain wares. Lots of factors like style, shape and size are taken into consideration during the making of these unique boxes for them to suit particular specifications. You can read more on the totality of what packaging is about in this article.

Why Do Companies Use Custom Packaging?

It used to be that packages are sealed in a box and then get delivered to the receivers anywhere in the world and everyone was fine with it. But since we live in a constantly changing world, we have come to see these practices evolve for certain reasons. Today, many companies have turned to custom packaging as a means of delivering packages. The question now is; why is this the norm?

It Creates A Lasting Impression

It is said that you do not make the first impression a second time. This statement is not only true for individuals; it seems it also applies to business organizations. In a brand-conscious and competitive business environment, every opportunity has to be seized to make a good impression on your potential customers.

It Is A Marketing Strategy

This follows from the impression that it creates in the mind of an observer or even the receiver as it instantly makes the brand recognizable and worth asking about. In marketing, appearance can be everything, and this is why a lot of effort goes in to making sure that the packaging looks good and “high-endish” to the observer. And gosh! Does a well-done custom box look good?

It Distinguishes Your Product

One thing that every business person wants to avoid is having customers or potential customers trying to distinguish one product from another. This muddling up is bad for business. obviously, it is understood that every brand tells its own story, has its own ideals and would want to be seen for what they stand for. Therefore, custom packaging is one way to do that.

What to Know About Making Shipments

Though there are cargo planes, most goods that are to be transported especially internationally are usually transported using ships. In fact, it is even regarded as the most important means of transporting items in the world and it is responsible for 90% of the total volume of goods transferred in global trade. Thus, even though some do not know this, it is the means through which most of the goods used in the society are transported. You can read up on freight transport if you wish to understand this better.

Why Is Packaging Essential For Shipments?

Proper packaging of products is very important because, most goods and products are transported by freight, and with it being that the shipping industry is usually very busy, they always get handled by different parties. Daily, packages are loaded and unloaded from the ship and most times, the cargoes and packages aboard the ship get moved from one ship to another severally in the course of the journey.

With this being the case, the cargo or package being transported is exposed to different situations and can get handled by different individuals or forklift. Now, if not well packaged, the product or content of the package might get tampered with or damaged. This is the primary reason why packaging is important.

Again, mistakes can be made during the flurry of activities that happen onboard the ship and sometimes, packages may be misplaced. However, proper packaging minimizes the chances of such a thing occurring.

You can visit https://customboxworks.com/ to find out more on this.

Tips for Proper Packaging

Here are things to do to ensure that things that what you want to transport by freight are well packaged and safe.

Get The Right Box

Firstly, getting the right box is not just about getting the one that fits what is to be packaged rather, it is about getting one that can support the weight of your product. It should also contain a cushioning material (this is very important). Note that the products to be packaged and the intention for its dispatch will always differ therefore, going for the best custom boxes available is a smart move to make.

Pen Down The Details Of The Package

It is important that the content of the package that you want to be transported is written boldly in full detail on the box. The other details like, the recipient and the address where it is to be delivered should also be stated.

Pack Fragile Products Carefully and Individually

Some people have the mindset not spending much on the boxes that they are to use and so they lump products together to save money. However, this is not a smart move especially when what is being transported is fragile. The smart thing to do is to buy various boxes and load them in individually to ensure their safety. You can find out more on this here.


It will always be necessary that products are transported across long distances. Luckily, this generation has various means of transportation. In spite of this, freight transport still remains the means through which many products are transported around the world. This makes the need for custom boxes and packaging even more pronounced as it makes shipping easier.

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