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Why You Need To Set up An Amazon PPC campaign

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There are many products and sellers on Amazon as it is the world’s largest online shopping site. Amazon PPC is a tool used by these sellers to stand out and make sales. PPC refers to pay per click. You need to set up an Amazon PPC campaign once you launch your listing. Benefits of setting up an Amazon PPC include:

  • High ranking: Using an Amazon PPC improves the ranking of the products that you are selling. This makes your product to appear on Amazon’s homepage.
  • You get to access buyers, not viewers: There are many people who access Amazon site to look through products before deciding to buy. With Amazon PPC, you run targeted ads that get to reach actual buyers.
  • Global market: Amazon is a global company providing shipping to most countries around the world. With Amazon PPC, you get to tap into markets from other countries through increased visibility.
  • You only pay for clicks: You only make a payment when a user clicks on the sponsored ad. Also, the charges for the ads can be deducted from your seller’s proceeds instead of making a separate payment with your credit card.
  • Evaluating your sales: You can analyze the revenue that you gained after you launched the PPC campaign. They offer a feature for monitoring sponsored ads.
  • Help to achieve business goals and objectives. A PPC campaign is aligned with the goals of the company. A well-executed campaign leads to growth
  • Influence of organic reach: Running an Amazon PPC usually improves your product ranking, which gives it much more organic reach. It also enhances the history of the product’s sale. As more sales are generated, the algorithm used by Amazon improves the rank of your product, making it appear at the top of searches.

When setting up an Amazon PPC, you first need to determine the type of ads that you need. They include:

  • Sponsored ads: These appear like any other ad on Amazon. However, they have a sponsored badge on them. It can be automated or manual campaigns. Manual campaigns are based on the keywords that you choose to bid on. Auto campaigns are created based on the product pages’ content.
  • Headline search: This option is premium as it allows the customer to see your product when they search for keywords. These types of ads are expensive, and they come at an extra Cost per Click. These types of ads lead to increased sales.
  • Product display: These types of ads target different products and competitors. You can also use these types of ads to protect your page by placing more ads.

Amazon ppc

Once you decide on the type of ad you will use, you can now set up your goals. Your goals need to be clear with an objective of what you are seeking to achieve by running the ads. The goals guide your entire campaign. Remember, goals and objectives need to be measurable and within a specific duration. The goals can entail:

  • Increasing sales
  • Increasing your customer base
  • Enhancing your brand visibility and many others.

You will not know what you can work with if you do not have clear goals. Once you have outlined your goals, you can structure your PPC campaign. You can then employ a few strategies to gain more from the PPC campaign. They include:

  • Optimizing your bid: For you to stay ahead of the competition, you need to ensure that you keep adjusting your bid. Your bids are supposed to align with the goals that you had set. This will inform you of when you need to increase or exit a bid.
  • Harvesting Keywords: This tactic ensures that your potential customers are finding the product when they search for specific keywords. This is the reason you are advised to have great content describing your product.

No matter how well you execute an Amazon PPC campaign, if the product is not in demand, then you will not meet your objectives. It is good to ensure that you list a product that has a high demand, which will translate to more revenue.

It is important to conduct market research before you list any product on Amazon. You can evaluate the demand for the product by assessing the search volume on Amazon. There are various Amazon seller tools that can help you in collecting this data. They include Jungle Scout, Sellics, Helium 10, Viral Launch and many more. There are various reviews online that can help you look at each tool in detail. You can also test some of the tools before you purchase them.

You can keep in mind that in as much you can tweak the ads from time to time, the results of the ads can only be seen after some time. You can leave the ads to run for a more extended period, where you will have enough data to analyze the progress.

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