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Why Shippers are Turning to Dedicated Trucking Delivery

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Dedicated trucking delivery has been the Hail Mary in current times. The present situation of the trucking industry has shippers across the globe on their toes. In the US, hurricanes and winter storms have been responsible for the severe shortage of drivers and the absence of stable freight transportation rates. The problem increases in the holiday season. There is a shrinkage in the available labor pool of truck drivers. The use of electronic logs and stricter regulations have added to the pre-existing problem.

These challenges are faced by shippers across various industries, including manufacturing, food and beverage, retail, and consumer goods. Also, they lead to a delay in deliveries, and no shipper wants their supply chain efficiency to be under question. They wish to maintain a good rapport with the customers they have garnered. This has led shippers to move towards dedicated transportation solutions to emerge from the fluctuating and tight freight market. If you are looking for such dedicated trucking deliveries, you can check out transport companies Sydney as they provide the best services. 

What is dedicated trucking delivery?

What is dedicated delivery

Dedicated delivery is one in which the shipper purchases a route from the carrier that is only for the shipper’s use. No other parcels or customers apart from them can use it. There is no co-mingling of packages from different customers. For many shippers, this mode brings a lot of benefits and can even cost less. Even the largest online retailer—Amazon, has chosen the dedicated delivery system. A dedicated delivery system allows shippers to customize procedures for them. You can read on to find out the reasons why many shippers are shifting to a dedicated truck delivery system.

Here are a few reasons why one should opt for dedicated trucking delivery

Dedicated delivery system

Despite any fluctuations or turbulence in the freight market, dedicated delivery systems lock in capacity and rates for their shipping customers. This alternative is best for shippers who require a consistent route and have customized and distinct freight handling requirements. 

Easy availability 

Whether it is dry goods that the shipper wants to ship or temperature-controlled shipments, dedicated truck delivery would give the shipping customer access to the right equipment at the exact time. For instance, a customer only accepts deliveries and pickups on Mondays and Wednesdays from 8 a.m. to 1 p.m. With dedicated transportation, a truck will be available at that time, ready to accept or unload shipments.

Shipment predictability 

A dedicated truck delivery system is ideal for a shipping customer who has to move on consistent routes regularly. This would allow the shipper to maintain a dependable, precise, and stable flow, allowing him to schedule deliveries within tight windows

Ideal for delicate deliveries

For shippers shipping delicate products, shipments that require special handling, or deliveries that are complex, dedicated truck delivery is the best option. These might include appointment loads, installations, or any high-value product. For these, dedicated delivery is best suited. Even if the shipper’s needs or routes change, the dedicated truck delivery service can easily accommodate the shipper’s personal needs and demands.

Consistent pricing

Many dedicated trucking delivery providers offer consistent pricing due to the predictable nature of shipments by their customers. That is why the service is a better option for shipping customers. Often, the same routes also help the dedicated trucking delivery system, and that is also one of the reasons that the system is cost-effective.


We hope that this article helped you get an insight into why shippers are moving towards dedicated truck delivery. For any shipper, if customer service and timely delivery are critical, dedicated truck delivery is an excellent alternative to opt for. 

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