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Why an Online Whiteboard is an Essential Collaboration Tool in Business

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Some organizations had a tougher time moving to a remote and hybrid workplace than others, and one of the main differences between those who succeeded in their transition and those who didn’t is the quality of the tools they used.

Some people picked the wrong tools while others adopted unnecessarily complex solutions they struggled to understand or implement. Sometimes it is the simplest tools that do the job, and online whiteboards are as simple as they come. But they could be the ultimate key to better collaboration and efficiency with your remote team. Let’s take a look at why an online whiteboard is an essential collaboration tool in business.

It’s the Perfect Extension of the Traditional Whiteboard – and More

If you routinely use your whiteboard during meetings, then you will be able to achieve roughly the same thing with an online whiteboard but with the bonus of even more features. An online whiteboard application like Miro will allow you to create and share all sorts of different diagrams, sketches, flowcharts, and notes fast. But what makes online whiteboards great is the ability of participants to collaborate and provide their input.

Content can also be saved and referenced later, which cannot be done with a real whiteboard. You can’t put detailed graphs, images, or video content on a traditional whiteboard either.

Online whiteboards can be particularly beneficial for creative teams. They can make it easy for marketing teams to bounce ideas around and share their insights – even more easily than if they were in the same room in some cases.

Giving your employees access to a whiteboard and encouraging them to use it actively could give you surprising returns, especially when it comes to innovation. When employees can exchange information clearly and fluidly, they come to solutions much faster. They can also tackle more problems. All of this will benefit you.

Fostering an innovative culture can be very difficult when people work remotely. It’s even worse when the people have never met physically. Online whiteboards will never be able to completely replace in-person meetings, but they do help employees build bonds and create together.

Great for Training

Online whiteboards can be great for training too. They can allow you to train 10, 100, or 1000 employees at a time if you wish. Online whiteboards are great at summarizing complex concepts and provide training in a very engaging way by using a wide variety of different formats. You can create interactive quizzes, show videos, and switch between instructors easily. This makes online whiteboards the best tools for any organization that is serious about training their employees and wants to provide a great online training experience.

Training their employees

Great for Seminars

If you routinely perform seminars and you want to make them more interesting, use an online whiteboard. You’ll be able to add an interactive element which will make them much more engaging. People will be able to provide their input and actively participate in the seminar, which is an aspect that is often lacking in these types of events.

Great for Demonstrations

If you want to introduce new ideas, concepts, or methodologies to your managers or introduce new solutions, then a whiteboard will help there as well. You’ll be able to demonstrate the benefits of these solutions, how to implement them, and the reasons for using them. You’ll be able to get real-time feedback from your employees and brainstorm different ideas too.

Make Audio and Video Calls More Engaging and Productive

If you need to share information with one of your remote workers and you want to get a point across to them quickly, you need to start using an online whiteboard. Screen sharing is one of the most common methods used for sharing information during video call meetings, but it’s not really great at allowing people to collaborate.

With an online whiteboard, participants can mold the board and share ideas, make corrections, and communicate with each other as if they were in the same room. Having people phasing out during video calls is the last thing that you want, and online whiteboards don’t only foster engagement, but allows you to gauge it as well.


These are all reasons why you should consider using an online whiteboard in your business. They’re convenient and easy to use, and the best part is that most of them are either cheap or free, so try one today if you haven’t already and see what they can do for your organization.

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